It’s already afternoon, and I have missed blogging about the Full Moon which fell exactly opposite my Descendant, and am also behind in sending out the Moonpod questionnaires…The Scorpio Full Moon is a particularly intense one especially emotionally, as by now you will be able to testify. However, teatime will give you a chance to reassess and reaffirm how much your nearest and dearest mean to you, and how much life itself means, as the Sun trines Pluto. Tomorrow the Sun trines Saturn, completing a Grand Trine with Pluto, and so the best-laid plans can come to fruition. It’s a good day for instance for finalizing mortgage plans even in this tricky economic climate, if you have done your research and proceed with seriousness and commitment. Tuesday (22nd) brings another trine, this one more upbeat, in the shape of Mars trine Uranus. This one could favour buying electrical equipment (so long as you can’t find a more ecological wind or solar-powered alternative), or for renewing your energies and aligning them with progressive Aquarian values. Come Wednesday (23rd), your energy signals may be giving out the wrong messages, e.g. flirtatiousness when you meant Platonic ideals, as Venus squares Mars. So just as you have got your energy right with the planet, it all goes pear-shaped in your social interaction. More adjustment therefore to be made: you know when you’ve got the vibe right, it’s all trial and error, two steps forwards and one step back. Your body language needs a little more fine-tuning: the little finger may need to be at a slightly different angle in relation to your tea-cup, and beware of a false move of the eyelash…More fun and games on Thursday (24th) again concerning your energies and possibly with men in your life, with Venus square Jupiter (more social faux-pas) and Mars by now opposing Jupiter. This time your sense of humour could go a little too far. In an effort to compensate on your body language, you could find yourself using inappropriate laughter where someone else’s sensibilities are set to deadly serious. Or maybe you are on a mission to wheedle out the funny bone from the Bank Manager, or tickle the train ticket Inspector. Seriously it’s a day you may observe that people are taking risks, but the bread is likely to land butter side down. If the stakes are not too high, then maybe you can experiment with pushing the boundaries. Friday (25th) is totally different in mood with Venus sextile Neptune. After days of dubious shenanigans, Venus settles to cosying up to the upcoming North Node/Neptune conjunction. It is smoothing the path relationship-wise, artistically, musically and harmoniously, enabling the more refined possibilities to emerge from that combination. Venus is good at supporting, and so there may be some delicate supporting going on between people. Important dates and appointments are coming up for people, and those around them may be lending gentle encouragement from the wings. It’s time to foster the best in human nature, and put criticism on a mute button. Neptune conjoins the mean North Node on Monday and Tuesday (28th/29th April), and I hope I have drummed up enough interest in this fascinating conjunction to set up a forum.