When I asked hubby Mike what was the issue of the week, he replied “It’s the economy, stupid”.  He is right, I do not have a handle on the economy, but Astrologers Raymond Merriman and Marjorie Orr do write fluently on the subject on their websites, if you would like intelligent astrological assessment on this complex issue.  That frees me to look at some of the other stories that are crowding our minds at the minute.  In another conversation this week, a friend observed that many people are being hit in a particular area of their lives at the moment, and I replied that actually it’s a three-pronged multifaceted attack because the very volatile T-square of Pluto-Uranus-Mars is now upon us.  It has already started, with the natural world in the shape of a Polar Bear attacking Britons in Norway, and last night’s riots in Tottenham, London.  Vigilance is required all week, and in particular Tuesday to Thursday when Mars squares Uranus and opposes Pluto.  My advised mantra of the week is “There is always a peaceful way”!  If you should know any would-be rioters or aggressive animals, please chant accordingly.  I mentioned last week that the Pluto of Norway is currently conjunct with the transiting (and triggering) South Node, and would note also that it is natally also conjunct with the Fixed Star Mintaka, one of the three stars in Orion’s belt.  The following words from the Mintaka section of  “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld would therefore appear relevant now: “The creation of aggressive animal forms on Earth peaked with the development of the polar bear some 70,000 years ago.  From that time forward the full understanding and enlightenment of this race has taken place.  On this star system…has come an understanding and appreciation of how aggressive energies could lead to awareness, peace and understanding…They also gave Earth people an example of ferocity, power and energy that would not serve a purpose that people would see as valuable and useful, but rather would create fear.  This was imbued into the polar bear.  To study this creature will teach you a great deal about aggressive tendencies as it seems distinct and different in this way of aggression from all other bears….Understanding of the purpose of aggressive tendencies and how they can lead to a new sense of an awareness of peace and understanding is still a possibility with Earth.”  Whether scientists can solve the problem of climate change, which has given rise to the desperation of the polar bear now is the question.  The young students who went on the polar bear expedition in Norway seem to be very special souls, and sadly one has died, but I hope for good recoveries for the rest.  If your birthday is around 12th June your totem animal may be the polar bear, and you may be having important karmic experiences at this time.  In “Find your Spirit Animals” by David Carson, Polar Bear is designated the meaning of healing the planet.  Last word on the subject from Carson: “There was a time, it is told, when polar bears were human.  During the day they would take off their great white coats and become people.  At night, they would come home, put on their coats, and change back into polar bears.” Preamble over, Venus sextiles Saturn tomorrow, which is a good aspect for taking a relaxing pause, urging restraint with those of a less peaceful disposition or those who are needing to rebel (such as the ongoing dissenters in the Middle East, or closer to home).  It is a good day to gently look at peaceful options.  There may be constraints in relationships, but they can be seen as holding structures, and there may be harmony to be had in your contacts at this time, of the mature reflective kind.  Retrograde Mercury also returns to Leo from its recent foray into Virgo tomorrow.  Now this is where you can take 24 Hrs on Thursday 28th July to Friday 29th July, and rewind them backwards.  From the intensity of paperwork of Mercury in Virgo (I am on the case of my tax return now) you can take a break and do a spot of sunbathing (or rainbathing – I am not specifying weather here).  Then Mercury opposes Neptune, complicating consciousness.  Make the sunbathing short enough that health is not affected, and if the complexities of life are overwhelming bring them all together in focus with a Vipassana meditation.  Detach, and stay away from television and computers and mobile phones if possible, for at least 10 minutes.  Mars trines Chiron on Tuesday (9th), and here is an opportunity to realign your energies with a flow of healing, if you have a healing pathway.  Some people are not able to utilize the healing paths of Chiron as well as others, so if you are not on a Chiron healing pathway yet, it is recommended now to begin to find routes to healing and connection with your Inner Healer.  Just google “Chiron” if you are starting out, or if you are already on such a pathway (such as acupuncture), you can be a little more vigorous than usual in your practice due to Mars (energy) and Chiron (healing) working harmoniously together on this day.  However, the exact squares between Mars and Uranus and Pluto are looming, so I would advise a morning healing session, followed by more Vipassana meditation or even a retreat, in preparation for the confrontational squares.  The first occurs at 16.33 Hrs UK time on Tuesday, and that is Mars squaring Uranus (precipitate action).  Events could capture your attention suddenly, and then you will need to put all your meditative preparations into action (relax, breathe deeply, and then action if necessary).  The second leg of the T-square occurs on Thursday (11th) and more confrontation, clashes and sparks occurring now between Mars and Pluto in opposition.  This could be a difficult day for Police, with perhaps even divided loyalties and sympathies – likewise in the world of the Arab Spring/Summer, with people divided who might in the past have been united, now divided by their causes.  Librans will find this period particularly painful, seeing both sides while sitting on the fence.  Again, meditation might help (after disentangling from the imbroglio) but not Vipassana this time.  A Oneness Meditation (Deeksha) would be helpful, visualizing the Aquarian brotherhood of man/woman.  The Oneness Meditation needs to be sustained for a couple of days, for some of the T-square stress may be ebbing away but there is tension building towards the Aquarian Full Moon of Saturday evening (13th).  For those working with Light Body, carry through holding the energy from Thursday, and for those doing the Aquarian Brother and Sisterhood meditation just keep going up to the Full Moon on Saturday at 18.57 Hrs UK time.  For those of a more religious persuasion, prayer will be your tool for this period.  Saturday evening may feel like a crescendo of realization that the only way forward is Aquarian connectedness.  Speaking of connections, I have added 2 new links on my Contact page this week.  Firstly, a new website for Dia Vickery, who I think of as our very own Alistair Cooke providing the Letter from America service in the Comments box.  The website is very neat in her Virgoan style, and she provides Acupuncture in Los Angeles as well as being a specialist in Shiloh Shepherd dogs.  Secondly, The Mountain Astrologer, my favourite Astrology magazine, whose blog is written by Mary Plumb, a regular contributor to the magazine for as long as I can remember (perhaps forever).  She has recommended reading my blog of 31st July regarding Amy Winehouse and the Norwegian Massacre.  If you would like to read a more in-depth commentary on the latter tragedy, please take a look at Laura Dane’s guest post of that title.

I am myself finding the Week’s Bullet Points useful in these hectic times.  Here they are (hope they are not too long-winded this week):

  • Monday – Peace, and a brief Respite before Complicating Consciousness
  • Tuesday – Healing Energy, followed by Meditation and a Call to Intervention (if necessary)
  • Thursday – Confrontation, followed by Oneness Meditation
  • Saturday – Societal Connection


Further Reading:

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