I wasn’t planning to write a fifth blog on the Triple Con at this point, but having lived and breathed it for the last four weeks, and observing how it is taking shape, I’ve got too much to say, not to. Even so I will try and keep it brief. This week sees the first phase of the first conjunction, between Neptune and the Mean North Node. Next weekend Neptune will be conjunct the True North Node which may give a slightly different perspective, and this week the experience will be in-between the two, so there may be slightly different nuances at these times. Slightly later in the year as the North Node and Neptune retrograde, they will in turn conjoin with Chiron, so I will keep monitoring these components of the triple conjunction. It seems to me that the categories of experience as we come up to the first main event are falling into three types, sometimes interconnecting. The largest category is that of “Disentangling Karma” and this seems to be formed by group patterns ranging from three or more persons. Neptune is a great planet for paradox, and one of the paradoxes is that you have to experience the karma to disentangle it. So groups are coming together, or sometimes being forced to rub shoulders, in order to recognize the karma and what needs healing, and possibly to change habits of lifetimes. You may find that people are moving out of homes or countries this week, or being shunted to new places to meet people they have seemingly never met before but in fact may know in their souls. The second category is that of “Spiritual Emergency” and you may already have noticed someone in your midst who is undergoing an intense psycho-spiritual crisis and needs constant attention. For some the crisis will be physical, even to the point of actual medical intervention, but it is probably something which has been coming on for some time. On a wider social scale, the ramifications of the current oil (Neptune) crisis in the UK for instance is a chance to work with issues of planetary karma. The third category is that of “Spiritual Communion” where Neptunian vibrations have already been worked on, and perhaps a person is very comfortable with its energies, leaving the channel free to the divine and openness to inspiration and higher frequencies. If you are fortunate to be on safer ground, you will realize that we all have a responsibility to the whole and that we are all one, and so we have to do our utmost to help a soul who is enmeshed in the Spiritual Emergency. It may help to tune into the work of Stanislav Grof on this subject particularly if an issue of mental health is involved, or appeal to the Master Jesus who is a direct line to Neptune, alternatively if you prefer to work with a female divinity Kwan Yin is a Goddess for compassion.