All Astrologers were able to predict that last week held the potential for violence, and that it would be on a grand scale, with a T-square between Mars, Pluto and Uranus.  The surprise was that it happened in England, first on the streets of London, and then spreading to other cities.  This is the same fearless, freedom-loving energy of Uranus in Aries which arose in the Middle East the moment Uranus entered Aries earlier this year.  So it was this week that David Cameron was prey to criticism of hypocrisy from Middle Eastern dictatorships (Syria and Libya).  But there are differences: our Police, who do not carry guns, did not kill our rioters, but were seen by many to react too slowly to prevent widescale damage, too hamstrung by conflicting aims, and surprised in the face of new tactics and weapons (e.g. BlackBerries).  The elements of the events of last week were complex and will give food for thought for a long time to come.  With Pluto square Uranus for another couple of years yet, Mars will have more chances over that time to re-ignite the issues, but in the meantime we have a quieter week astrologically and time to digest and start to repair those things that can be repaired.  Mars ignited the Pluto-Uranus square, demonstrating the difficulties inherent in Pluto in Capricorn, and exposing differences between our Police (Pluto) and our Government (Capricorn).  The issue which has been raised is Society (Mars in Cancer) and various facets of this have been debated in newspapers, television, radio and on Twitter.  I have been conversing and overhearing conversations on the train, in the home, on the phone, and in coffee shops: there are so many opinions, but I did come across someone who didn’t have an opinion.  And I also came upon someone who accused me, on the grounds that I have been a bleedin’ heart liberal.  At the last meeting of Light Pod (See my Light Body page) which is a monthly meeting for channeling, meditation and healing Sarah Berry and I set as our next focus “Society” and the next meeting to come around is this Tuesday (3 pm) so if you would like to join us in thought and positive focus, please do.  In the meantime, my heroes of this week were the broom armies cleaning up after the chaos, and Tariq Jahan the father of one of the three muslims killed by a hit-and-run incident in Birmingham as a result of the riots.  His dignity and appeal for calm was inspirational. ‘Nuff said.  We do have a calm interlude this week in the shape of a harmonious triple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Venus, who do by and large tend to get on well anyway, and meet regularly.  There is a family and familiar feeling about the joining of these three, and the first conjunction takes place on Tuesday (16th)  between the Sun and Venus, at 23 degrees Leo.  If your birthday is on or around that day, you will really benefit from these planetary meetings.  It is an excellent aspect to restore love and harmony, or if you are on holiday, to really bask in the Sun and unwind.  Focussing on love can bring about creative ideas to solve current problems, and the aspect will bring out the best in interaction and relationship. The chorus of the song from the musical Hair comes to mind for this time “Let the Sunshine In”.  All together now, “Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in…”.  Tuesday and Wednesday constitute a mini-festival with that theme song, for next on Tuesday comes a conjunction of Mercury and Venus, in the same degree of Leo.  This aspect promotes dialogue and communication, so discussion about problem-solving can be profitable on a light basis (the heavier analysis needs to come later, when morale has been restored).  Creativity can be articulated now.  In the early hours of Wednesday 17th (UK time) the Sun is conjunct with Mercury (again the same degree) and the three sides of the triangle are complete.  The focus for this aspect is crystallizing enlightened thoughtforms, inspiration coming straight from the soul, and adding it to the achievements of the other two conjunctions.  You may have something real and tangible to show for this mini-fest.  Your heart may be renewed and strengthened for future work, after the battering of last week.  You may be expecting another shock later in the week, but in fact our vitality and faith in life are increased by a sextile between Mars and Jupiter on Thursday (18th).  Like the amazing Malaysian student whose daylight robbery was witnessed all over the world on You Tube, you can emerge reaffirming life now.  For much needs to be done in repairing the effects of last week, and rooting out the causes and wisdom gained in order that structures may be put in place for a fairer society.  Mars sextile Jupiter is a very suitable aspect for starting out with good intentions, in good heart and faith.  If David Cameron is looking for guidance, Supernanny Jo Frost might be able to help.  I used to think she was a bit harsh, but her new series offering extreme parental guidance show that she is not just a one trick pony (The Naughty Step), for she has added techniques and sensitivity to her repertoire since she was last on our screens.  She is a Cancerian (parental expertise) with a  no-nonsense Moon in Aries.  But the words of parent-of-the-week Tariq Jahan will be used to close this blog: “Today we we stand here to plead with all the youth to remain calm, for our communities to stand united.  This is not a race issue.  The family has received messages of sympathy and support from all parts of society…calm down and go home – please.”

The week in bullet points:

Tuesday: The power of three, the magic of love and discussion

Wednesday: Higher quality thought

Thursday: Action united with Optimism, a workable force