To save me repeating myself, read my latest blog about the Triple Conjuction (of which this week’s Neptune conjunct the Mean North Node is the first phase) as it dominate’s the week’s experience – all the rest is mere frippery in comparison! If you can get it right on the main event, then the other aspects will fall into place more easily. So Neptune and the North Node represent the background and bigger picture, and Mercury represents the detail of the week and the more minor events. That said, it is worth paying attention to the detail this week to get the best results. Today may be a little frazzled mentally with Mercury square Chiron, but it may just be pre-triple-conjunction nerves as the next two days will see the most potent manifestation of the union of Neptune and the North Node (with Chiron trailing three degrees behind). If you are feeling edgy or irascible, then make the most of any opportunity to take your mind off your worries today. Get lost in a relaxing activity which bears no relation to your routine, and you may come back to your preoccupations with a different outlook. Monday (28th) and Tuesday (29th) will bring in the main results of the Neptune/North Node wrangles which have been building up in your life but may also impinge on the political scene (who will have the upper hand? Hillary or Barack, Ken or Boris, Mugabe or Tsvangirai?) in situations which remain on tenterhooks. The North Node/Neptune combination can also bring about true spiritual communion – and perhaps the Chinese government really will hold talks with aides of the Dalai Lama… Meanwhile, back to the main Mercury story, the winged messenger makes two helpful aspects on Monday, first a sextile with Uranus which will allow some lateral thinking and solutions to emerge, then a trine with Jupiter which widens the lens of vision and understanding all round. Tuesday and Wednesday (30th) see Mercury seeking attention again as it squares the Nodes and asks: “Whatcha gonna do about it?” like a sulky teenager. You will be forced to decide if you’re bothered. To make matters more confused, Mercury also squares Neptune on Tuesday, so that you may have to bypass the mind to understand what is going on. Reach for the higher dimensions, speak from the heart, or ground yourself. It’s as if there’s a message on your mental screen saying services are temporarily disrupted. This may enable a transition to take place, or a reconnection to other ways of looking at things. But by the evening (UK time) a transition may have taken place and reconnections may be established, because Mercury sextiles Mars, and the left hand will once again know what the right hand is doing and they may both have been manicured in the process. Wednesday also sees Venus changing signs (it’s not all Mercury-Mercury-Mercury) coming into her home ground of Taurus, where she operates better and feels under less pressure. If you Venusians out there have had a hard time while Venus has been in Aries, you may be able to set the pace and experience a more even flow once she changes signs. Artistic and musical ventures may get the go-ahead now. Andrew Lloyd-Webber may have spotted his Nancy. Thursday (1st May) brings more good news and good feeling emanating from Venus as she makes a Grand Trine with Pluto and Saturn. This favours the best laid artistic, musical and relationship plans. Proposals and engagements which may have been thwarted in recent weeks may achieve a breakthrough now. Mercury grabs back the limelight on Friday (2nd) by flitting into its home territory of Gemini, bringing a lighter touch to conversation and maybe a fit of the giggles. It forms a double act on Saturday (3rd) with Saturn, but in a stodgy way, going back over old ground mentally. “Do we really have to revise this?” asks the student. But actually, with Saturn going forward from its retrograde position on this day, you will see the reason for the revision and you may well understand a lot more than you understood the first time round. You may think it’s a drag, but it’s always good to have solid foundations to your studies.