As England started to pick up the pieces after the mars-Pluto-Uranus riots some of the issues in Society started to clarify, as if emerging from a centrifuge. Issue 1 Violence: a definite problem in the human race.  When Lars von Trier was told that his film Dogville had inspired the Norwegian massacre, he was shocked as he hadn’t yet put two and two together. He said he wouldn’t have made it if he had known. Aah, the underestimated power of media. Issue 2 Race: the historian David Starkey embarrassed himself by claiming that White people had turned into Black people. Meanwhile the words of Tariq Jahan, who lost a son to the riots, ring compellingly in the ears: “This has nothing to do with race”. Issue 3 Poverty: David Cameron continues in denial, asserting that events had nothing to do with cuts, while people on the breadline already feel they have nothing to lose, and Prince Charles with Camilla nodding sympathetically in the background declares “It’s a cry for help”.  Issue 4 Policing: The Tottenham riots were sparked by what may have been an accidental or careless shooting, that of Mark Duggan. Certainly it was not thought through, and the failure to communicate with his family is unexplained.  So during the riots the police are afraid to overstep the mark. and in doing so understep the mark. Sir Hugh Orde from experience in Ireland is up to the job, but David Cameron wants a Los Angeles cop to deal with the gangs. Issue 5 Parenting: More particularly, is there enough of it?  This coming week sensitivities will be revealed at the outset on Sunday (21st). At lunch in the U.K. people may stress about how they like their roast potatoes, with Venus opposite Neptune.  In the early hours of the morning in the U.S. dreams may be nostalgic and emotional.  In the evening in Australia there may be emotional wrangles.  In the evening in the UK Venus enters Virgo and matters of taste become more exacting.  The balance of carrot and coriander in the soup becomes an issue, or the colour of your nightwear (you may wear gold lame pyjamas earlier in the evening, then suddenly decide to switch to sage green).  There are a few oppositions this week, and the next one comes up on Monday (22nd).  It’s Sun opposite Neptune, and this one happens at suppertime in the U.K. prompting a power play as its polarity lies across the end of Leo and Aquarius.  Perhaps the balance of power in a relationship is out of kilter, with one person constantly calling the shots, and the other needing to reclaim their soul.  There may be a sense of “last chance” about it.  If the struggle is internal, two of your Archetypes may be at odds with each other and you may have to establish a dialogue to rebalance them.  On Tuesday (23rd) the Sun enters Virgo and we are starting to focus on our Autumn plans, emotionally and spiritually.  Mentally, we still have Mercury in Leo and some summer fun left, and are able to exchange some email banter about it.  Chiron opposes Venus on Wednesday (24th), and this could bring about a healing crisis of the heart, perhaps a need to come to terms with loss. Thursday 25th may bring confrontation but not on the scale of the T-square rioting. A force may meet an immovable object, and dialogue would be the best course of action. A certain amount of frustration arises from this aspect. At suppertime Venus trines Pluto, so there is a good chance that the earlier frustration can be resolved by getting to the root causes of the matter, caring and sharing. And there is hope on the way for those who have been experiencing communication delays under Mercury retrograde, for on Friday 26th Mercury is stationary prior to going direct, and although it’s just changeover day prepare to start being able to put your affairs in order again – what a feeling!  Don’t expect to make too much headway on Friday itself though, for in addition to Mercury being in a bit of a spin the Sun is opposed by Chiron. So there is another healing crisis – this time an opportunity to examine power issues. Could be one for the government and the police to sort out.  Last words from a Tottenham resident quoted In the Guardian. Victoria Norman’s home was close to the Carpetright store which was burned down but she is still able to say “I love my home, my neighbours – and the new neighbours I met because of this.  There is strength in numbers, we are stronger than we were before. We all care about where we live and are sick and tired of people putting Tottenham down.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – Absolute perfectionism
  • Monday – Illusion and Power
  • Tuesday – More perfectionism
  • Wednesday – Healing crisis in Relationship
  • Thursday – Frustration then Understanding
  • Friday – A slow turnaround then more Power struggling