Today and tomorrow Neptune conjuncts the True North Node, and so there is still time to weave something beautiful out of this spiritual and karmic opportunity, using the information you have gathered over the last week. Why not have a get-together, or two/three or four…for after the stroke of midnight there is a New Moon in Taurus, so today is perfect for affirming that your needs will be provided for and meditating on what are your true needs and those of the planet: true needs for the true node. Tomorrow (Monday 5th) is good for material needs and for sharing any excess, like the bountiful Buddha whose birthday is close to this time. And if you don’t have materiality to share, then share your time or energy or other resources. Friday (9th) – what happened to the rest of the week? – two planets are making significant movements. Sorry, Jupiter doesn’t actually move, it goes Stationary prior to moving backwards. Sagittarians may pirouette and then suddenly take a necessary U-turn in some area of their life or philosophy. But Mars the Mover does move, into Fire sign Leo – salamander heaven. I am hoping that might mean sunnier weather, and we are due for a spot over the UK. Have we earned some, guilt-free? If so, enjoy. Looking ahead, after phase one of the Triple Conjunction (Neptune conjunct the North Node) I am taking a break from being a bore on the subject, but will be back soon with the new delights of phase two: Chiron conjunct North Node. Phase three (Chiron conjunct Neptune) will be later still…it is a work in progress. And for those who feel cheated of their Tuesday to Thursday forecast, create your own middle of the week and cut and paste it in.