This one hasn’t gone away and in fact we are approaching the second phase, that of Chiron’s conjunction with the North Node. Over the summer months, Chiron which is now about one degree away from the North Node will conjunct and for a time travel together with the North Node, and still within the influence of the energies of Neptune. This will take place roughly over the summer months of June, July and August 2008, and I hope to say more on the subject later. It will take place for most of you in the same House (or area of life) as the Neptune/North Node phase of the conjucntion and the issues may be related to those happenings or sequential to them. There will be a greater emphasis on healing, old wounds, healing old wounds, and releasing attachment to them. The recent conjunction between the North Node and Neptune may have hinted to you of a healing project within the area of your life in which it was operating. So, hopefully, a summer of healing?