The Sun squares Chiron today, so you may find it is a day when even skilled craftspersons can’t fit a square peg into a round hole. This may give rise to decision-making or at least debate over what should be done. The craftsperson may have one view, and the person commissioning the artwork will have another. I would advise meditating on the problem, or even leaving the process to nature. On a day when the logistics of getting aid to Burma are on many people’s minds, lateral thinking is definitely required. The global and interfaith approach of yesterday’s Pangea Day seems inspiring. Maybe their organizers know someone who can help…It seems mundane in comparison to be talking about the Sun’s aspects this week, but it appears that Leos will be hogging the limelight after the pirouetting of Sagittarians last week. I did actually do a pirouette in the middle of Cambridge on Friday lunchtime, but I don’t think anyone noticed. However Leos will want you to notice them this week, as they have put in a lot of rehearsal time and waited a long time for this particular opportunity to prove themselves. If you have read thus far and thought “What is she wittering on about?” I am just doing a low-key warm-up for the main show for Leo, which takes place tomorrow (Monday 12th). The day is nicely sandwiched between two aspects to the Sun, one in the early hours of the morning UK time (Sun sextile Uranus) and the other at tea-time (Sun trine Jupiter). Both avail themselves of the Jupiter-Uranus sextile which is not quite ripe yet but promises much for Wednesday week (Wednesday-lovers take note). Sun sextile Uranus brings about the ability to seize the day through a novel idea or surprise package. If you are Dreamworkers, guidance and intuition could come powerfully from an overnight dream, but equally you may have been secretly planning something which you can unveil to the world today. If so, unveil with pzazz and panache – it’ll all add to the general enjoyment. For the office worker living out a pastel sort of working day, you may wonder if life is passing you by, but as you sit staring at the screen inspiration may strike. For the craftsperson or patron of the arts, there may be a breakthrough in the square peg/round hole dilemma, for a positively-aspected Uranus can bring sudden solutions. By tea-time on Monday there should be a sense of marvel as to the day’s outcomes, and a sense of hope that may even extend to getting the aid into Burma. For the second aspect of the day (Jupiter trine Sun) adds a lucky touch of gold to your ventures, and a seal of approval from the Universe. The other aspect to the Sun comes in the middle of the week, Wednesday 14th, when Neptune squares the Sun. It is not an easy aspect to negotiate, especially when the other party in business or relationship may be erecting a giant smokescreen to hide their authentic self. Difficult to know how to handle that, other than being very clear in yourself and knowing that you are not part of the smokescreen. Scrupulous honesty is the antidote then on Wednesday. Hopefully any gains made on Monday will be carrying you through too, and forwards right through to next Wednesday’s grand sextile. Whatever your plans for the weekend on Saturday 17th, you will be on a healing mission, for Venus the ruler of Taurus squares Chiron and relationships and the Arts wil be under the healing spotlight – do they deliver the goods, are they truly authentic, how should they proceed in the future? For Leos and Taureans then it is a week where performance counts, but only if you listen to critics.