We are poised at the moment, waiting to see what effect Hurricane Irene will have on New York; waiting for the Libyan rebels to find the whereabouts of Colonel Gaddafi.  We are being asked to encompass so much in our minds at the moment, so much that is new and shocking.  Either that or we are in recluse, shutting our eyes and ears to any form of media.  The U.S. chart is going through the challenges of its Saturn Return this year, and at the moment that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the storm had arrived (3.30 a.m. GMT) Saturn was exactly conjunct the natal Saturn at 14 degrees 47 minutes.  The natal Saturn is 14 degrees 46 minutes!  Depending on the ground level, Bloomberg has asked residents of New York to evacuate (low ground) or stay indoors (high ground).  The possible effects are unknown as a storm of this kind is virtually unprecedented, and Irene herself may hopefully be running out of steam.  Libya too is in a moment of great uncertainty.  Though the rebels are elated to have taken Tripoli to all intents and purposes, they cannot progress until they have found Gaddafi and it is uncertain how the country will be constructed when they do.  At this time, Tripoli is facing a humanitarian crisis with many dead, and water and food in scarce supply.  The aspects for the original chart of Libya include a current powerful square of Pluto to its natal Jupiter in 7th House: undergoing a dramatic change to its belief system, and challenges in its international relations.  Curiously enough Libya is also undergoing its Saturn Return this year, with its natal Saturn in the same degree as that of the United States, at 14 degrees 6 minutes.  This important moment of time is astrologically at least in some ways an opportunity, for today the Sun is trine Pluto, and we have an opportunity to take stock in a real and deep sense, before building something new for tomorrow’s (29th) New Moon at 5 degrees of Virgo.  Today then is a day for searching the soul, and tomorrow a day for building on that wisdom – let us hope that New Yorkers and Libyans would be in a position to do that.  We may have a chance to do more than breath-holding later in the week, with the aspects dominated by the currents of Jupiter.  On Tuesday (30th) Venus trines Jupiter, and this is certainly of benefit in our private and personal lives, establishing relationships on a happier footing, and perhaps celebratory in mood.  Jupiter then stands still, prior to turning retrograde, so the celebration may linger or turn nostalgic.  The best man’s speech may be especially evocative, and the champagne may stay in the system longer than usual.  Like an Indian wedding, the good will may last even until Saturday (3rd September) when the Sun trines Jupiter and good wishes may prove to be more than just pipe dreams.  Despite the crises we are facing internationally, we can make headway this week at least personally, but hopefully the protective vibrations of Jupiter minimizing the damage feared in New York, and some diplomatic progress made in international relations elsewhere (Venus trine Jupiter), and preservation rather than destruction being the keynote as we go through the week. Uranus squaring Pluto continues to seek change where change is necessary, but where there is worth for you in your life Jupiter will encourage and support your efforts to cherish and save now.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today  – Soul Searching
  • Monday  –  New Building
  • Tuesday  – Celebration
  • Saturday  –  Luck