You may be in the middle of a healing process this weekend, having earlier experienced a healing crisis. The last few days, due to Venus squaring Chrion, you may have noticed old patterns being stuck and presenting themselves for new solutions. Today brings perfect conditions for those new solutions to emerge and thrive, for doing things in a different way, and applying innovations to long-established routines and traditions. Venus gets the Jupiter-Uranus treatment and carries the day on a wave of buoyancy which could leave you with a new perspective on life. If you are painting or sounding, your brushstrokes and warbles could bring in new frequencies and dimensions in the morning (Venus sextile Uranus), while in the afternoon there is an air of triumph and celebration (Venus trine Jupiter). As with last Monday’s Sun connections to Uranus and Jupiter, there can be breakthroughs. I just hope that all that translates into some relief for the Burmese and Chinese, or what’s a good aspect for? Tuesday (20th) brings just that sort of questioning and some confusion, with Full Moon at the end of Scorpio, Venus square Neptune and Mercury re-entering Gemini on its retrograde path. It’s a day best handled by living a life of contemplation, but if you are trying to get things done you might find yourself going round in circles. It’s a head-spinner, so if you are feeling the slightest bit delicate give yourself some time off – maybe you’ve been doing too much. In relationships, for instance, it will be difficult to know where you stand, and a little more contemplation could clear the mental decks. Negotiate Tuesday and you will find Wednesday (21st) totally different and as promised last week it’s a red-letter day in terms of achievement, surprises and possibly even miracles. If you find it so, you’ll have Jupiter sextile Uranus to thank. If you found that the Sun and Venus links last Monday and today connected areas of your life and psyche in beneficial ways, then you’ll find everything clicking into place in a powerful way on Wednesday for those days were stepping stones to experiencing the full range of Jupiter-Uranus successes. Anthony Robbins, eat your heart out! Moving on, it’s a mixed sort of week because Thursday (22nd) in contrast could see a slump in mood with Sun square Saturn, but in the scheme of things it should not be enough to dent the central events of the week because the Jupiter-Uranus alliance carries more astrological weight. If you are daunted by minor obstacles on Thursday then it could be that you are getting things out of perspective therefore. Friday (23rd) brings a welcome trine between Mercury and Chiron – you can apply your mind to solutions, and mental health will be on an even keel so it’s a suitable day for any charity such as MIND to raise awareness and funds. The week ends with the entry of Venus into Gemini on Saturday 24th which is stimulating for social connections, being a social butterfly, and verbal charm. Terry Wogan should be on good form at the Belgrade Eurovision Song Contest 2008.