This week is about questions. The whereabouts of Gaddafi are still unknown. And the issues thrown up by the London riots (violence, poverty, social alienation, policing, parenting etc) are just beginning to be unravelled.  In order to arrive at solutions, the problems need to be fully understood. Rarely, we only have one aspect this week: Mercury opposite Neptune, which we met in late July and then early August during the English riots. Though the riots were caused by the violent and shocking T-square of Mars, Pluto and Uranus, the element of mental confusion was a factor present due to Mercury opposing Neptune (confusion of the rioters, the Police and the public) and it is this element of confusion that we revisit this week. Look at the questions and unsolved mysteries of your life currently. It may be that the more you investigate, the more the mystery, fog or illusion deepens.   The issue may, for instance, be health.  It has been reported that the investigation into the deaths of patients at Stockport’s Stepping Hill Hospital has become more complex since the release of a former suspect in the matter of contaminated saline.  Police will have to question 500 people, in an effort to understand what has been happening.  The need for enquiry in your life’s issues lasts at least until Mercury opposes Neptune on Thursday.  You may look back at your diary to see what questions were thrown up around 28/9 July and again 8 August and see how far you have come in thinking about and discussing them. One thing for sure you will have found that the issues and your understanding will have become more complex and more sensitive. I do feel however that our Prime minister David Cameron, in trying to deal with the problems, shows from the statements he puts out that his psychological understanding is no more sophisticated than Tony Blair’s was. I always felt that it was Tony Blair’s primitive psychological understanding that held back proper progress and solutions – he was always scratching at the surface in his policies. In an interview on Friday on the Today programme, according to the Spectator “The interviewer, Evan Davis, offered Cameron the chance to retreat from the firm, almost draconian line he took at the height of the riots. But Cameron refused, comfortable to risk appearing ‘morally certain’, or, even more daring,‘nasty’… Even his compassionate points were couched in slightly unflinching terms.”.  David Cameron may have struck lucky in Libya, but in his home policies he could take a leaf out of the book of psychotherapist Camilla Batmanghelidjh founder of Kid’s Company (she of the colourful headgear) or at least listen to what she has to say about the sensitive issues of disaffected youth, instead of drafting in soldiers to teach in schools. Going back to the aspect of the week, our progress up to Thursday lies in listening and surrendering to the need for ever-unfolding of the complexity of truth, though stressful. It is a week when draughts of camomile tea and aromatherapy massages can negotiate this passage. The actual aspect occurs at 15.25 Hrs on Thursday (8th) in the UK, so the effect is full on in the daytime.  In the USA it will occur around breakfast time, an appropriate time to report on and analyze any weird dreams.  In Australia it will be dreamtime, so strange convoluted dreams or possibly nightmares may be a feature of the psyche reporting to the conscious mind what it needs to convey.  After this point, there may then be some resolution, some ability to piece together the multiple jigsaws, to encompass the issues in your mind in a more coherent form. There follows on Friday (9th) the ingress of  Mercury into Virgo, and the possibility that you may start to get  answers, and factual information. Will we know the true whereabouts of  Colonel Gaddafi?  Will we see through the fog of the questions that surround us? We will certainly be getting on with life on a practical level. This astrological feature (not actually an aspect) occurs at 5.58 a.m. in the UK.   In the U.S. it occurs late at night on Thursday, so Americans may find they have a burst of efficient energy before bedtime.  In Australia it will be mid-afternoon, and ideal for working activity.  Friday’s astrological climate is where the real school term begins, the knuckling down to the new curriculum, the settling to a new regime, establishing new mental patterns and routines. Mercury ruler of Virgo is in its rightful place and there is a fresh new sense of organization. If you have not already read it, it may be timely to read my guest blogger Asia Haleem on decluttering.  It’s the first in an occasional series entitled Zodiac Masterclass which displays the expertise of each sign. Here is the link:

The week in bullet points:

  • Thursday – The peak of confusion and the beginning of Understanding
  • Friday – The opportunity to put into motion new plans of thought and action