It’s Retro week, with not one, not two, but a record 3 planets turning retrograde: Chiron, Mercury and Neptune. The Chiron/North Node conjunction is inching ever closer, the conjunction with the Mean North Node taking place on June 4th. So next week I hope to write more about the special healing projects it brings into our lives. It’s a good week to notice what requires healing, and in fact to visualize yourself protected by an iridescent bubble of protective light as the strangenesses of the week could require inward searching for answers to fundamental questions in yor life. Chiron itself is the first planet to turn retrograde, on Sunday (25th), and past life work can be relevant to present life dilemmas if you are drawn to work in that way. Bubble-wrap at the ready…But Monday (26th) is really the day you will need it. First Mercury goes retrograde, and just when you need communications and travel to be reliable. Mercury Retrograde has plenty of press these days, you don’t need me to add to it, suffice it to say there is even a book of that name on the market for you to take as travel reading. Very shortly afterwards Neptune goes retrograde and you may experience mental confusion, dreaminess and senior moments at any age on your flight. Make sure you have ordered your vegan wheat-free meal and do not leave your glasses on the tray when the hostess carries it away on your long-haul flight. As if that is not enough, Venus squares Saturn, so you may experience emotional sadness at those you are leaving behind you on your travels and find you are missing them already. Aah, attachment and non-attachment, it’s difficult either way, even if you know which is best. And that’s it – all the main features on one day this week. That just about wraps it up, except that on Thursday (29th) because Mercury is retrograding it makes the same aspect as last Friday, a trine with Chiron, which favours regaining your mental equilibrium. So Shrink rap and Bubble wrap will be handy concepts to remember this week. Cradle your own inner child. Healing on the horizon coming next week, which may mean you need to unpack an old wound from the baggage you are carrying. The mantra for this week comes courtesy of A Course in Miracles: “In my defencelessness, my safety lies.”