The prospect of Chiron conjunct North Node graces our heavens this summer, the karmic healing component of the triple conjunction with Neptune, as I have mentioned in earlier blogs. if you have been following the story you may well by now have identified which situations and which area of your life are playing out this healing crisis. If not, check out my Neptune, North Node and Chiron Houses blog from April. It’s a conjunction which is nebulous in its timing because it involves the mean and true North Node, and the latter wavers backwards and forwards, and Chiron can have different readings in different ephemerides. One date for the crystallization of this conjunction is June 4th, when Chiron conjuncts the Mean North Node. This will elicit a variety of experiences, particularly in relation to where you are with your own process with the conjunction. You might be at the point of a healing crisis, or you might be at a point of breakthrough. You can view it as a symbol to work with, perhaps a golden chalice containing your own Inner Healer, or as a healing project handed to you by the Universe if you can’t see it as being of your own making. Mostly it is, on some level. With Chiron, the answer is wrapped in the question, the solution within the problem, and a moment’s perception can change the energy of the situation, sometimes miraculously. One of the aspects of Chiron and the North Node is the concept of karma, and I believe this is being redefined now. Some past-life therapists are now reorientating towards future-life therapy for instance, and the whole concept of karma is being speeded up by interactions on the internet. It has gone beyond instant.