Well, what a chakra-spinning week that was! Don’t know about you, but I discovered chakras where I didn’t know I had them! We start the aspects on Tuesday this week, just to give you time to get over your chakric jetlag. Tuesday is a New Moon in Gemini, so prepare your wishes now and even write them down as Gemini respects the written word. You could even quaintly write them down in longhand in a notebook, going back in time like, for Gemini communications are of the pre-Internet age. But it’s Wednesday (4th) which really interests me this week, and I am showing my heart on my sleeve here, as Chiron conjuncts the North Node, and I took the trouble of preparing an individual blog about it earlier, under the Karmic Category. Oops, the word karma has suddenly become unfashionable, having been mentioned by Sharon Stone this week. Won’t get entangled, but suffice it to say that part of the new vibe karma needs to have is guilt-free. The guilt associations with karma come from the old-style practices of religions, where you were not allowed to come from your authentic self. Guilt is the time lag between realizing what has happened and what needs to happen to redress the balance. Karma is simple cause and effect, and in that surely we have a common ideology with the scientists? Our lives on Earth are for the purposes of restoring the natural justice of the Universe, and evolving further. The other aspect occurring on Wednesday, and totally unrelated is Mars sextile Sun which equals Passion! You may have two unrelated scenarios happening that day, a karmic healing and a passionate encounter. Possibly, but rarely I think, will the two coincide – for they have been working independently in your life. Anyone planning a reunion that day can quite confidently set forth with an open heart. When you get over the emotional intensity of Wednesday, pick yourself up and look forward to a mini-triple-conjunction on Saturday (as distinct from the maxi-triple-conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and North Node in Aquarius). This one is Mercury-Venus-Sun in Gemini, a veritable red nose day of relief from repressed words, thoughts and feelings. It’s a communication bonanza, so plan a party (charity or otherwise) or set aside the day to write a whole novel.