On Sunday, having negotiated the socially bizarre opposition between Venus and Uranus of Saturday night, and maybe even laughing it off, we are working our way to Venus’ square with Pluto in the early hours of 19th. So Sunday could be a process of trying to work out a social and relationship difficulty as part of a T-square between Venus-Uranus- Pluto, which you need to process in a quick change consciousness transformation of the heart, before it processes you!

Here’s a sample film script:

Saturday night (17th: Venus opposite Uranus) Girl walks into a bar in Soho.
Man:  “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine”.

Girl (donning a nicotine patch) : “You know how to whistle, dontcha?”

Early Monday morning (19th: Venus square Pluto), man persuades girl to take the last tube to Heathrow Airport and board the plane, telling her:  “You’d regret it if you stayed.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.”

This Monday you may be boarding a metaphorical plane, away from an impossible situation.

Essex Girl on plane to Ibiza, thought bubble: “Oh how much easier relationships were just last week, with Venus sextile Mars and entering Libra and all that. He was some cool dude, but it wouldn’t have worked.  I’ll send him a text when I get to Ibiza, wishing him a nice life.”

Immediately she leaves on Monday, Mars walks out of Cancer, leaving behind his home comforts, the lifestyle he knows running the café/bar, to join the Arab Spring in Libya.  Enters Leo, and is a changed man: he finds his creative fire, the courage of lions, and his inner King of the Jungle, in the desert.  Here he is more able to live in the Now, and forget last week’s romance.

The middle of the week is quiet, to allow our swarthy hero time to acquaint himself with his new battlefields, and learn to operate in a new sign.  Then the Sun switches signs on Friday (23rd) entering Libra at the Autumn Equinox, and our hero believes his mission is to promote peace and justice in a world where the inner warrior must express itself, but in new ways (the 21st Century Iraq war taught him that).

Finally on the same day, Mars trines Uranus, a dynamic aspect for any action, invention, and revolution.  Our hero meets a fellow freedom fighter on the battlefield, and declares:  “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.

Whether it’s Cameron and Clegg, Cameron and Sarkozy, Putin and Medvedev, or Ed and David Milliband, it’s a good day for male bonding, and efficient use of machinery, such as artillery discarded by the outgoing regime.

For those who lead a more primarily feminine or domestic lifestyle, you may express your inner male very powerfully on Friday, or begin new initiatives.  At the supermarket you may come upon an old workmate with a toddler in her trolley, and suggest you start a new cottage industry selling raw meals on the internet for those who don’t have time to peel and chop their own vegetables.  It is a day when you can but dare to ask. The answer she gives depends on how much quality time she believes a toddler needs with mum, and how much she likes prepping veggies.

The beginning of the week is the end of the road for a personal or social scenario, and the end of the week is the beginning of a new road, a regrouping socially and the initiation of new projects.

And the film?  It wins a Bafta for its dialogue, but loses out in other categories, such as characterization and plot, on the grounds of implausibility, according to the judges.  There is a possibility of a remake…

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – call it a day emotionally, then move on to pastures new
  • Friday – new hope in relationship, dynamic new initiatives