I can no longer avoid blogging about the world economy this week.  Every week the noises about being on the brink of meltdown become louder, so that now I can’t hear myself think.  The big figures on the financial stage seem to be Christine Lagarde, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and George Osborne, but the general impression seems to be indecisiveness and the question leveled being “Who’s in Charge”?  Astrologically the question seems very complex, and the general consensus is that the crisis is due to the square between Uranus and Pluto.  Where is the decisiveness and leadership in the Astrological community in terms of economic wisdom?   I would say that it lies with Raymond Merriman, on his website “The Merriman Market Analyst” subtitled “The Leader in Market Timing Services & Products”  Accordingly, the link to his website is permanently fixed on my Contact page.  What is he saying about this week?: “The main geocosmic configuration in effect this week will be the new moon (with Mercury) on Tuesday, September 27, forming a cardinal T-square to the Uranus-Pluto square. This powerful configuration portends yet one more round of huge price swings and extreme volatility.”  I decided I would take a look at how the current aspects are affecting the charts of the main financial characters, plus the Greek politicians, at the most dire end of the situation.  Christine Lagarde, newly appointed to the head of the International Monetary Fund on paper occupies the leadership position: Neptune opposes her Pluto (an extreme test of her skills) and squares her Saturn (her responsibilities oversee the most complex of operations, hence her very subtly worded pronouncements, including that the global economy was at a critical junction but was that it was a matter of “pushing through to get to the other side”).  For Barack Obama, President of the United States, Uranus trines his Mercury, Saturn trines his Ascendant, and the North Node sextiles his Ascendant.  Astrologically, he is not having such a bad week – leaving the Eurozone crisis to take centre stage, and joining Bill Clinton for a round of golf to talk about the economy (give him a break, he has been working hard recently).  For German Chancellor Angela Merkel , Jupiter currently sextiles her Mercury, and Pluto trines her Venus, both excellent aspects for her to be holding the financial balances of Europe – she needs these aspects to keep her buoyant in the face of public hostility about bailing out the Greeks.  For U.K. Chancellor George Osborne, Jupiter squares his Mars now, so he may be overconfident.  While for Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, Pluto in Capricorn opposes his natal Mercury, so he does have the worst position of the lot, a real headache in fact.  Apologies to those I have missed out.  And on to the week ahead.:  Mercury enters Libra today, making it a good day to review your documentation, particularly regarding legal matters.  Where you may have been in a quandary, not being able to see the wood for the trees, your mental outlook can become more balanced.  In relationships, the role of dialogue is strengthened.  The Sun opposes Uranus tomorrow, and indeed if you sensed the underlying currents between Venus-Uranus-Pluto last week, you may sense them in a slightly different way this week, with less focus on relationships and with more focus on the whole problem.  This is because the Sun substitutes for Venus in this triangle this week, so power issues are more to the fore.  It is likely that the indecisiveness and lack of leadership in political and financial arenas will continue this week therefore.  The Sun opposing Uranus will make the unexpected the determining factor, the loophole will decide, the spanner the key to the works.  On Tuesday (27th) Mercury also opposes Uranus accompanying the Sun this week, joining this complex line-up.  There will be words, and the words will be contentious or outrageous.  These may be said in haste, or carelessly, and possibly regretted, but revealing the true or unconscious thoughts of the speaker.  The good news is that there is a New Moon in Libra that day (4 degrees) but the not-so-good-news is that it is squared by Pluto, and that if you are starting a new venture you need to look for the seeds of destruction.  The questions you need to ask are “Are all the contributers entirely trustworthy?”  “Is this really a good time to start a new venture at all?” “What does this tell me about myself and my deepest motives?” “Have I got the patience to wait until I feel clear of this mental maelstrom?”  On Wednesday (28th) things are no easier, with Pluto exactly squaring the Sun, and revealing the crisis in more black and white terms.  It is not a good day for authorities, who will wonder if they have authority.  This aspect is followed by Mercury squaring Pluto, so the misgivings and uncertainties will have to be relayed by someone to others, by email or blackberry.  Text may be too lightweight – surely there are some things you just can’t do by text, even in this day and age?  Wednesday may be the height of the week’s crisis, for on Thursday (29th) there is a lighter note at the beginning of the day: Mercury sextiles Mars, and maybe people take their news more courageously than the bearers of the news might have thought.  It’s a good day for getting things done, briskly – zipping along on yer bike, for instance, going to work on an egg, that sort of thing.  But sadly, by the evening a conjunct between Venus and Saturn forms at 18 degrees Libra, and the emotional cost of the week begins to be counted.  Could you afford to offend a friend, sack an employee, neglect your family or spouse?  In the effort to soldier on, you may have buried your feelings temporarily.  What can you do – it is hard trying to be superhuman and attend to everything and everyone.  You’ll have more energy for this attempt the next day, Friday (30th) with the Sun sextile Mars.  New (yang in particular) energy rises to the fore, and new attempts to put the outside world back together, especially if you can let go of the emotional issues for the time being.  David Cameron declared us a “broken Britain” at the time of the riots, and now wants us to be proud of our greatness.  Friday is the sort of day to accentuate the positive.  Perhaps read my new blog “Future Lives – A Literary trail” posted yesterday, in the spirit of creating a better future.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – you can sort it out
  • Tomorrow – the cat’s among the pigeons
  • Tuesday – out of the mouths of babes…; new ventures get off to a tricky start
  • Wednesday – take a good look at what is going on, then attempt to express it in words
  • Thursday – new energy springs up in the morning; emotions fall flat in the evening (not to mention finances)
  • Friday – pick yourself up again