How were last week’s aspects for you? After a heady Chiron/North Node conjunction during the week, I collapsed with nervous exhaustion from the Sun/Venus/Retrograde Mercury yesterday in Gemini (the sign of nervous exhaustion). Spent a lot of time last week hovering around the Astrodienst forum, marvelling at all the debates that were going on, but lost for words. Maybe I’ll pick up courage this week. I think we are in for a slightly bumpier ride this week, peeking at my ephemeris. So prepare for a long and challenging blog. Two people asked me for exact degree locations this week, so I have provided a mini-ephemeris (see “Planets starring in this week’s Aspects”). The good news for today is Mercury sextile Mars: some good work is going to come to pass today. Efficiency and mental acuity constitute the order of the day. Lazy Sunday it is not. Tomorrow (Monday 9th) brings a conjunction between Sun and Venus, which is about love in its many forms, the full gamut from conditional to unconditional, whatever you happen to be practising. If it is your birthday, you’ll be able to bring a full and open heart (is that a contradiction in terms?) to the day, and perhaps also the coming year. People will be able to bask in its radiance. By Thursday (12th) however, affairs of the heart are starting to get twisted up by our human limitations, with Venus squaring Uranus. Living the unconditional love dream for three days may have taken you to your personality limits, and you might be thinking “I can’t sustain this”, or “I want to break free”. It’s no good me telling you to keep your heart open if you feel you’ve reached your limit, but maybe I could tell you to lower the cholesterol in your diet to minimize the damage. Taking it one day at a time, look after your heart on Thursday. Friday is the 13th, and I am not superstitious, but there’s another blow to the heart early in the morning, followed by a resuscitation in the early afternoon (UK time, so please adjust if you are reading from other parts of the world). The early-morning aspect is Sun square Uranus, so you could be awoken in a cold sweat from your dreamtime by a shock nightmare, wondering if it was real. There may be electrical dysfunction at breakfast, such as the toaster failing to pop up. Just stand by it for 3 minutes or so, because the spanner is in the works today. The good news is that Venus trines Neptune in the afternoon, which is superb. You still need to spread the low-cholesterol or soya spread on your toast and look after your physical heart, but emotional affairs of the heart will take a turn for the better. You’ll have a text on your mobile to say that it was all a misunderstanding, and that on a higher level there is a total union of Souls. Perfect serenity for lovers. The return to Sagittarius of Pluto on Saturday morning (14th) is a weighty astrological event. Have you been keeping your Pluto-in-Capricorn diary since January? What practical and earth-shattering insights have you learned? Now take out again last year’s Pluto-in-Sagittarius diary. You should have a few pages left, going up to late November this year, to sort out your remaining Pluto-Sagittarius philosophical issues, before reverting back again. Pluto’s re-entry comes early in the morning, so again there may be another important (and what Jung called) numinous dream to enter into your Dream Diary. You may need a bigger bedside table to accommodate all these notebooks, mind. We end the week on a slightly euphoric high, for Saturday evening brings a trine between the Sun and Neptune. Good for the heart, and good for the Soul. I like happy endings, and don’t want to unsettle you, but if when you are tuning in with the divine, you feel a slight sense of unease it’s because of the upcoming Full Moon which will be quite a happening thing.