The fiscal crisis rumbles on, with no end in sight.  What is going on? The world wonders.  What is it all leading up to…?  Obama looks to Europe to solve the crisis, and the situation in Europe is no further forward from last week.

Last week I wrote about how the current aspects are affecting the charts of the main financial characters.  Let’s see if anything has changed this week:

IMF:  Pluto is conjunct the Sun of the International Monetary Fund chart.  Aspects don’t get tougher than this.

Christine Lagarde: Neptune still opposes her Pluto (an extreme test of her skills) and squares her Saturn.  No change there.  Still way too much pressure.

Barack Obama: Uranus trines his natal Mercury and squares his Venus, while Jupiter opposes his Neptune.  Mentally he is in good shape, emotionally he is a little volatile, and spiritually he is a little florid.  That doesn’t explain the Wall Street protests, so hopping over to the U.S. chart…

…U.S. Chart:  Transitting Mars conjuncts its North Node (forcing a karmic issue) and sextiles its Uranus.  This signifies an awakening of energy, and specifically rebellion, and Uranus is in its 6th House of the workers.

Angela Merkel:  Jupiter still currently sextiles her Mercury, and Pluto trines her Venus, both excellent aspects for her.

George Osborne:  Jupiter squares his Mars, and Uranus trines his Jupiter, and this week Jupiter squares Mars generally, so overconfidence is increased.

George Papandreou:  Pluto (the slowest moving planet) is still opposing his Mercury (mental strain), and Mars sextiles his Saturn (a cosmic urge to action), plus Saturn is conjunct his Neptune adding to his problems.

As you can see, watching transits can sometimes be like watching paint dry, but watch this space if that appeals to you.

We have three aspects this week.  Tomorrow Mars squares Jupiter, an aspect which can encourage fieriness and over-the-top enthusiasm.   Mars squaring Jupiter often results in high-flying balloon emotions, but with Jupiter (the expansive one) currently in Taurus, it could be a little more grounded, so that something more tangible can grow from the roots of ideas born this day, or week.  The Robert Browning line comes to mind here:  “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for?”  So if your ideas are high falutin’, check that you are equally grounded.

On Thursday (6th) Mercury is conjunct Saturn, so people mean business.  But communications may be delayed, traffic jams could occur to popular venues, such as protest sites or if the warm weather continues here, beaches.  But it’s not a holiday atmosphere, and a serious intent is going to be at the heart of things.  If you are studying, it may be a good day to get down to work.  If you are seeking to escape work, you may be pinned down.

The best aspect of the week occurs on Friday (7th), in the shape of Venus trine Neptune.  Artistic and spiritual endeavours are highlighted, dance and fashion could be inspired.  Victoria Beckham’s heels could get higher…Those seeking to take their art and their life that bit further beyond, but still retaining elegance and style, will be rewarded.  This contrasting with Monday and Thursday’s aspects which will be more tricky in terms of satisfactory results.  Though excellence can be achieved on Friday, it may go unnoticed or be too subtle for its intended audiences.  But if everyone raises their consciousness on that day, everyone will be able to admire everyone else’s achievements as well as preening on their own.  It’s an appropriate aspect for World Smile Day, and there could be a lot behind the smile of the passerby…

Please Note: My Chief Commentator Sarah, who like 20% of the population, receives less than a minimum wage for her services, is out of action due to computer problems.  Regular readers will know that she has struggled for 4 years with her computer.  At the risk of giving out too much information, the dogs knocked over her router at 5.30 pm on Friday (with Uranus squaring her Mercury) and forced the issue.  She is now wrangling to leave one internet provider and begin anew with broadband.  Another friend recently tried to do the same, and I overheard her on the phone having to repeat 20 times to the outgoing provider that she wanted to discontinue their services.  So Sarah may be a while…

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – High flying
  • Thursday – Applying yourself
  • Friday – Inspiration