The new line up in the current series of Strictly Come Dancing looks promising!  In particular, Jason Donovan and Anita Dobson seemed to shine initially.  Jason has his Venus, Sun and Mars in Gemini, the sign of Neighbours, but does not have a traditional dancer’s chart.  So I was pleasantly surprised.  Anita is a Taurean through and through, with a flashy outer covering of Leo.  But what is really interesting about her chart is her conjunction of the Midheaven (Careerpoint) and North Node (karmic mission) which means her outer career and spiritual purpose are united.  That gives her a special ability to focus in all that she does.  Lulu – I expected her to be much more co-ordinated than she appeared in her first dance, and maybe she was just having an off-day (or really doesn’t have good chemistry with Brendan Cole and isn’t just pretending?).  What makes Brendan the naughty boy of Strictly?  Answer – Mars square to Venus.  Spiritually, they are in tune, with their Neptunes in trine with each other.  But the spark between them is Brendan’s Uranus conjunct Lulu’s South Node, a liaison which could go back to Atlantis.  The good news is that Lulu’s aspects are set to improve, at least for the next week or so – I hope to monitor all the contestants from time to time throughout the series.  The piece de resistance was Russell Grant, every bit as delightful in his debut as I had hoped!   He may not have as much time as usual to look up his own stars at the moment, but natally he has 3 planets (Venus, Mars and Jupiter) in Pisces making him an inspirational figure (to some).    Pisces is the sign of dance, and he also has his North Node there, so it may be his karmic mission to entertain us on the dance floor…His first career, Astrology, is shown by Uranus, the planet of Astrology, at the top of his chart.  Delicious!  Now feelings are running deep, as Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday. You may have been exchanging social pleasantries on Saturday while Venus was still in Libra, then realize on Sunday that you find yourself in deeper waters. Venus also trines Chiron on that day, so the deeper waters have a healing purpose, and no doubt that’s about recognizing what needs healing and feeling on an emotional level. On Wednesday (12th) the emotional focus turns away from relationship, and others, and needs to focus on the self, with a full moon in Aries. There’s no compromise to be had, no matter how convincing the case put forward by the other half , as represented by the sun in Libra. You must do what is right for you. Full Moons can work better if both parties focus on a cause outside themselves, or on a solution where all parties can win.  Neptune trines Mercury later on Wednesday morning.  If you suffered confusion the week beginning 4 September when Mercury was opposite Neptune, now you may find the mental harmony and balance between the rational and the spiritual, the two reflecting each other like a skyscape on water.  It could all make much more sense now. Record this sensibility in your diary or in a poem, so that you can consult your own inner truth when Mercury next makes a wobbly aspect with Neptune.  The next day ( Thursday 13th) Venus sextiles Pluto and more balancing is set to occur, more deep feelings are acknowledged and revealed and shared, and more emotional healing is possible, early in the morning.  However, a few aspects jostle for influence on that day, so later on in the morning you may sense a change with Mercury entering Scorpio.  While fine words may have been oiling the wheels nicely when Mercury was in Libra, they may not butter any parsnips after 10.52 am (U.K. time).   A light salad lunch would be more appropriate than a heavy roast, lest the accompanying conversation may be unpalatable or indigestible. You may find that you hear words which are more profound and more truthful than expected though. Maintain your stamina on Thursday for a further two aspects: next up,  is Sun conjunct Saturn. Despite good  intentions to avoid negative emotions, you may have taken to heart another’s  comment earlier in the day ( hope it’s not a comment on this blog!).  The conjunction takes place in Libra, so relationships could take the brunt of remarks made:  romances could be disillusioned;  a dear one may shut off emotionally in order to work on their own inner process.  Finally, Mercury trines Chiron, bringing the mental illumination needed to make a whole out of all the perplexities of the day.  You may remember the word which eluded you earlier, and accept that minor memory lapse is just part of growing up!  It’s a good day for the healing of the nervous system.  Congratulations for getting through to Friday, when you will be greeted by an opposition between Venus and Jupiter.  Not too much to fear: a social gaffe or two, or a playful  tug of love.  After an intense but rewarding week, you can handle that.

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – depth and healing
  • Wednesday – self-serving, and mental clarity
  • Thursday – deep feelings, deep thinking, withdrawal, and mental healing
  • Friday – silliness