I am not a Mac user, but some of my best friends are.

This is only the second astrological appreciation I have felt called to do, despite the worthiness of all those who have passed since my little piece on Anita Roddick in 2007. Strangely enough, they are both entrepreneurs, with their Jupiter close in the third decanate of Cancer.  I will try to make this a small tribute as well.

Steve jobs was a Sunsign Piscean genius with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction I call “The Entrepreneur” which incorporates risk-taking, so one for the astrology textbooks. With the Part of Fortune at the beginning of his 2nd House squaring his Jupiter-Uranus, he had a zest for making money and invention.  His Virgo ascendant gave him the eye for detail, sense of service, and relentless perfectionism of his formidable reputation.  His Ascendant was trine his Venus on the cusp of his 5th house, which showed his love of beauty in design and talent for creativity. Jupiter exactly trine his Saturn gave him the balance and strength of character which he needed to accomplish all he did. He was a Buddhist and believed in alternative medicine, and though his Chiron was not strong, it was situated in his 5th house of creativity, so his creations were actually healing.  Mercury also in his 5th house in Aquarius describes the nature of his technical and communication-based creations. Mars trine Pluto in fire signs gave him phenomenal creative energy.

He was at peace with himself spiritually at his leavetaking, as evinced by Neptune trine his natal Neptune.  Uranus, the planet of information technology, was exactly square his nodal axis, time for pastures new.

It is only in recent years that I came to a personal appreciation of Jobs’ worth…  But when I am away from home, my iPhone and Apps provide great solace.