We can change the future, but…
…we must perceive it first

So says Dr. Bruce Goldberg at the frontispiece of his book “Past Lives  Future Lives”.  This time last week I was completing the Future Life Progression practitioner training course with the leading edge future life teacher Anne Jirsch, which you can imagine was amazing. What you can also imagine are the debates I had when I got home to my scientist hubby. “Well” he said “I can see how you can travel back to the past” (I have been a past life therapist for 21 years) “But I can’t see how you can travel to the future”. To me, it’s equally logical.  Great fun! And time will tell, but from where I stand now future life progression looks to be life-changing, and a wonderful tool for problem solving and raising consciousness, needed now as much as ever.   More soon, but…back to the present.  In the U.K., Defence Minister Liam Fox left us dangling this week as to when he would resign, over the enigma of aide Adam Werrity’s role in political life.  Fox himself has a very interesting birth chart, with Venus conjunct Uranus hinting that he has unusual relationships.  There is a lot that he’s balancing in this lifetime, with Mercury conjunct Mars in Libra (excellent for defence and diplomacy work) squaring Jupiter conjunct Saturn (checks and balances).  He is a follower of Margaret Thatcher, and the relationship is shown in their charts by Thatcher’s Neptune (inspiration) sextile Fox’s Mercury (ideology).  When he took his appointment as Secretary of State for Defence, there were three oppositional transits to his chart: Uranus opposite his Sun, and Neptune opposite his  Venus and Uranus.  This might suggest it was not an easy balancing of interests.  At the time of his resignation of Friday, Neptune had returned to the same position in relation to his Venus-Uranus, reinforcing his personal difficulties and the spectre of scandal which was undetected for a considerable time.  Adam Werrity’s Saturn lies on Liam Fox’s Venus, and this can mean loyalty in a relationship, but can certainly in this case be seen to have brought about Fox’s downfall.  Both were thoughtless about the consequences of their political and personal arrangements.  In Fox’s case personal need was involved (Venus/Uranus) and in Werrity’s status (Saturn) was a consideration.  Could Future Life Progression have saved them?  Common sense or the intervention of a helpful friend would have easily nipped the problem in the bud.  But certainly Future Life Progression would have picked it up.  What problems this week can be nipped in the bud with a little foresight from the knowledge of planetary aspects?  We only have three, and they are reasonable ones to work with.  Today Mercury sextiles Pluto, so it is a good day to look at issues from a deeper perspective, and talk them over.  If you are working this weekend, much can be accomplished, and determination and focus will be intense, and one of the keys to success.  Tomorrow Mercury is opposed by Jupiter, and minds will be more scattered, and you may need to travel to communicate your interests.  This aspect is not too problematic, but holds the tendency of overstretching resources.  Geminis and Sagittarians may find their interests opposed, with Geminis recognizing the need to focus and Sagittarians wanting to diversify.  If they can resolve this, they’re in business!  And, lastly, just before midnight on Friday (21st) the week concludes with a trine between the Sun (at the end of Libra) and Neptune (at the end of Aquarius).  This is a fine aspect for realizing dreams and wishes, and firming up your ideals.  It’s also creatively and artistically inspired.  If you’re having lunch with friends, talk about your hopes – they may be eavesdropped by light beings helping you create your future.

Bullet points for Busy people:

  • Today – Accomplishment
  • Monday – Mental and physical travel
  • Friday and Saturday – You’ve got to have a dream