The first half of this week we are digesting the lessons of Pluto’s reverse entry into Sagittarius yesterday. I found that people were analyzing where they might have taken a diversionary route, and needed now to re-trace their steps. It’s time for reflection now, with the lunar energy rising coming up to the Full Moon on Wednesday, and the last songs of Spring, coming up to the Summer Solstice on Friday. There are three main categories of experience with the Full Moon: you dread it, you love it, or you have transcended its effects. Even if you are in the last category you can still get caught up or triggered by someone crying out loud in a group situation. Approach it calmly and meditatively, and organize a group Tai Chi session for Wednesday. Wednesday (18th) itself kicks off with Venus opposite Pluto, which I think of as a tug-of-love situation. The organizer of the Tai Chi group session has an emotional crisis that morning, and rings in to say that she can’t bring in the Fair Trade organic decaffeinated teabags for the late afternoon tea ceremony, because her ex-husband can’t take the 5-year old to school, and she won’t have time to go to the Revital health food shop in Cambridge. This of course sets off a chain of events, because someone else will have to get them. Still in the morning (UK time) Venus enters Cancer, and ushers in our collective maternal instinct. The single parent looks lovingly at her child on the way to school, and feels compassion for everyone including herself and the workers in the third world who are producing the Fair Trade tea. Everyone is her family, including the ex-hubby. Straight from work, the Tai Chi session starts, at 5.30 p.m., the time of the Full Moon at 27 degrees Sagittarius. The Sagittarian Full Moon has global implications, and coupled with Venus entering Cancer, promotes and encourages thoughts of the world as family, free and fair trade, and generosity of spirit. The Tai Chi session is calming for the participating group, as well as for those who have turned out to watch, and who knows where that ripples out. It’s always good to channel the Full Moon energies into constructive group meditation: not too late to look up your nearest Alice Bailey Full Moon Meditation Group in your Yellow Pages. It is too late to join Moon Pod’s research group, which you may have noticed has completed its karmic mission. Full Moon now over, some of you may hail with a sense of relief the motions of Mercury that follow. On Thursday (19th) it goes stationary, prior to turning direct and moving forwards like a normal planet on Friday (20th). For those of you who have been registering and recording all the communication and travel havoc its retrograde motion has caused since 27 May, you will be longing to express unrestrained and undisrupted communication, and there will be long conversations about it on the commuter run. Lee, winner of the Apprentice, will be able to turn to Sir Alan once more and say: “That’s what I’m talking about!” Friday (20th) may also see re-runs of some of Wednesday’s dramas, for the Sun opposes Pluto, and enters Cancer. The emotional charge of the Full Moon will have eased though, and nature will be celebrating the Summer Solstice. Sun opposing Pluto may bring power battles, rather than emotional tussles. There may be more cut-and-thrust debate about the rights and wrongs of the issues over civil liberties, as highlighted by David Davis. Could another party declare an interest? On a more personal level, there may be a dispute over who stepped on whose foot in the group Tai Chi session. Sun entering Cancer ensures that on a higher level, we are all closer to singing to the same group hymn sheet. But the opposition with Pluto means that at the same time, many will cling to their smaller family groups and patriotic divisions. Unless they have looked over the mountain and seen the dream of the Sagittarian Full Moon. Winding down, there are still the aspects of Saturday (21st) to play for: Venus sextile Saturn, and Mars opposite Neptune. Venus sextile Saturn can bring stability, or at least a temporary welcome plateau, in human relationships. Mars opposing Neptune could see some personal or political attempts to deceive, and weatherwise possible flooding, but otherwise there is the possibility of people balancing their use of energy and sensitivity to good effect. It holds the possibility of people helping each other out and reaching out in kindness. And after a long ramble from me, you can log off now and practise your Tai Chi steps.