As with last week, there isn’t a major aspect until Wednesday, so you will have time to commune with the Fixed Star which is aligned with our Sun for the beginning of this week: Tejat, a star which is one of the feet of Gemini. According to “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld (yeah, yeah, I know, I am always quoting them) there will be “a stimulation of the seventh and eighth chakras”, so as you do your regular early Sunday morning Yoga routine, open up those chakras. As those of you who used to belong to the “North Watford Society of the Thousand Petalled Lotus” (NWSTPL 1981-1995) will know, the 7th Chakra is also known as Sahasrara (I like to mull that over as a mantra, myself). These members are now scattered as far afield as Norfolk and Salisbury, but there are some original members in Watford itself. Starlight Elixirs tells us: “This star can gently and easily increase the ability to bring spiritual ideas into clear and expressible form as mental concepts and direct ideas to be shared with others.” After yoga, it would be recommended to begin reading “The 8th Chakra”, a book by Jude Currivan. You can read it over three days. All that will set you up nicely for the middle of the week, when Sun sextiles Saturn on Wednesday 25th. Here is a marker for your spiritual progress, a taking stock of what you have achieved over the last week or two wrestling with all those Neptunian and Plutonian aspects, and your Inner Saboteur Archetype. Dry your tears, give yourself a pat on the back, and really acknowledge yourself for how you have come through. Here’s a time when you don’t need to re-hash the past, just let those unresolved issues go and start afresh from where you are. It is a good place to be, and you have done enough. Friday 27th brings the U-turn from Uranus, going first stationary then retrograde. Uranus is the spanner in the works, so expect surprises that day, like some unravelling of your knitting stitches. You may have recently got your communication issues straight with Mercury being back on track, and Uranus could unseat them again, especially modern methods of communication such as I.T. and mobile phones. Snail mail should be unaffected, so hasten unto ye olde Poste Office threatened with closure and buy a book of stamps which could come in handy. If you found last week’s Pluto oppositions dramatic, what you learned from them will start to benefit you now, ahead of next week’s trine between Mars and Pluto. So the end of the week sees some limbering up for next week’s action-packed movie. Yoga mat at the ready!