Before looking at what is a busy week for aspects, I will take a look at the serious news item of last week Libya, and a lighthearted survey of some of the Strictly Come Dancing acts, for balance. Gaddafi met his end last week.  Muammar started out thinking of himself as a liberator.  As the Guardian Obituary tells us: “With Nasser as his idol – he too later titled himself colonel – the 14 year old Gaddafi was caught up in the surging pan-Arab emotions of the time, in the ideals of Arab renaissance…Expelled from school for his political activities, he continued his secondary education at Misrata, on the coast, and there, with some of his classmates, he decided to join the army as a means of overthrowing the monarchy”.  Without knowing his birth time, it seems that Uranus (revolution) has played a strong role in shaping his life (e.g. it may be on one of the angles of his chart), for at the time of his coup in 1969, which created the Republic of Libya, Uranus was trine his Uranus.  At his demise, Uranus in Aries (the spirit of the Arab Spring) is exactly sextile with his personal Uranus (which has played itself out).  It is the Uranus opposition of the Republic, the Counter-Revolution.  The original 1951 chart of Libya (pre-Gaddafi) is the beneficiary, both on the day of his demise, and as the foundation for its future, with a treasury of aspects:  Uranus squares Libya’s Sun (extreme change), Neptune trines its Moon (aspirations for the people), the North Node trines its Mercury (a new constitution karmically demanded), the North Node sextile its Mars (a change of military focus, again brought about karmically), Pluto squares its Jupiter (a dramatic transfer of power, out of control), Saturn conjuncts its Neptune (traumatic stress to be worked through), Saturn sextiles its Pluto, and North Node squares its Ascendant (a completely new karmic order).  Though the future seems uncertain, astrological indications are that this could actually be the liberation of Libya, but with a lot to be worked through in the future, and no magic wand.

Continuing my survey of the lighter side of life: The still-new Strictly Come Dancing series seems to have thrown up some real talents this year: one of which is Holly Valance.  Like Anita Dobson, who is also doing well, she is a Taurean trooper.  She has the North Node (karmic mission) a few degrees away from the Gemini Sun of partner Artem Chigvintsev, and more significantly, her South Node in Sagittarius is almost exactly conjunct his Neptune (planet of dance) indicating they may have danced together in past lives, especially Latino ones.  Meanwhile, Latina Nancy dell’Olio is at the other end of the leader board, and may not survive tonight’s results programme.  As far as I know, Nancy has not revealed her birth date to the world, but we know that she is Cancerian, and Anton has 3 skilful planets spread out in the sign of Cancer to cover any of her moods.  It was not enough to control her feather boa in her first dance though, and now that Edwina Currie has gone, it does leave her vulnerable with the viewing vote.

This week begins with the entry of the Sun into Scorpio at tea-time in the U.K.  If you are reading this before 6.30 p.m. you are in the last throes of the Sun in Libra – take advantage of any last minute opportunities for diplomacy and negotiation, any olive branches coming your way and any fly pasts by doves.  At 6.30 p.m. you will need to be more on your mettle, more alert to what is going on in your life, and less dreamy and idealistic.  If you feel you need to bring out your inner warrior, assemble your tools: your pet scorpion, your hypnotic laser eyes, and your will to overcome any obstacles.  I am hoping to post the second Zodiac Masterclass around that time, which has been written by a real Scorpio with real life experience (not just a theoretical Scorpio), if you feel you don’t have enough Plutonian energy to rise to the occasion.  The Sun trines Chiron tomorrow, and to the new Scorpio influx of energy are added the healing rays of Chiron.  This is an excellent aspect for regeneration, and coming back from a difficult situation or health issue.  Wednesday (26th) is the most eventful day, starting with a sextile between Mars and Saturn, representing controlled and steady action, the precision of the surgeon, at the start of the day, which sets a helpful tone.  A New Moon in Scorpio comes along later in the day, which again represents the regeneration of life force, and a new understanding for us in terms of the mysteries of life and the life cycle.  Finally that day Mars squares Venus, so if you are at a party in the evening you might need to watch for inappropriate social behaviour, the inappropriately intimate pinch, or leer…!  It seems to me it happens all the time on Strictly.  On Friday (28th) Mars squares Mercury and there could be all-round general irritability, and carelessness, especially in relation to Geminis and Virgos.  Drivers be extra vigilant when parking.  The biggest aspect of the week, Jupiter trine Pluto, also takes place on this day, so there is an important balancing of power, and one which may have been an on-off feature for you this year.  People will need to take accounts of rights and wrongs, and they will need to form a group to evaluate the situation, as this is not an aspect where one person can act alone without consequences.  But within yourself, you may come to a special place of integrity, where you know that your actions will be right when you carry them out into the world.  The next day, Saturday 29th, that integrity can be carried through with others as the Sun joins this trine, opposing Jupiter and trining Pluto.  Others may be interested in your projects, and the only drawback may be overconfidence or over-enthusiasm – you need some boundaries or even structure, because Rome was not built in a day.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – switchover from mild manners to more gutsy ones
  • Monday – healing processes can begin
  • Wednesday – precision, regeneration and flirtation
  • Friday – nerves on edge, but getting it right in the bigger picture
  • Saturday – working with others on the bigger picture