(Apologies for the slightly altered blog format this week – you can put it down to Neptune)


This week could turn your head around.  All week Mercury will be chasing Venus but never quite catches her.  Why is Mercury trying to catch Venus?  He wants to have a dialogue with her.  Why does he want to have a dialogue with her?  The mind wants to swap notes with the heart, to co-ordinate the new-found wisdom. Many of us have experienced evolutionary shifts recently, and need to upgrade our everyday practices to match this incoming energy.  You may be finding that the new energy doesn’t sit well with your old circumstances.  Uranus this week from your sign harmonizes with the near conjunction, so you may find your words sprinkled with stardust.


Mercury and Venus are like brother and sister in the family of planets around the Sun, and when they do meet they can catch up with family news, and you can take stock of issues in your personality development, such as the role of your ego.  How is your ego looking?  What is the state of your self-esteem?   Taureans have a tendency towards modesty and playing the supporting act, but you need now to find balance along your ego/self-esteem spectrum.  With Mercury sticking close to your natal planet all week, you will be buzzing with ideas.


You may literally need a conflab with a sibling, or with someone who acts as a sibling for you this week.  A neighbour may pop their head over the fence at just the right moment, for instance, to lend an ear.  What happens when your ruler Mercury and Venus meet is that writing and articulation of the arts can take place.  Although Mercury spends several days trying to catch up with Venus he doesn’t actually make it.  The journey is the goal, and the thrill is in the chase.  You may need to accept that.


This week snatches of poetry can be written,  a chapter or two of a novel,  a few brushstrokes on a canvas, and short tete a tetes snatched in cafes overlooking riverbanks;  contributions towards the major oeuvre – remember that Cancer is a literary sign.  Not a week to achieve earth shattering stuff, but stuff that makes ordinary life pleasant and harmonious, and cosy in the way Cancerians like it.  Your ruler the Moon runs the gamut of Sagittarius to Pisces this week, via Capricorn and Aquarius.  So you will start out adventurous, then draw in your claws conservatively.  In the second half of the week you’ll be networking, and then end towards the end of the week retreat into shyness and sensitivity.  Try to plan events accordingly.


Your sign is creative, and your natural art form is drama.  So you may question, in this week where writing is emphasized, whether we still have a use for poetry as an artform in this modern world?  It may yet be the best expression for the soul, I wager, and some of the best dramatists have been poets too.  Of course not everyone is even inclined to the Arts – you may have an Ascendant which contrasts with your Sunsign,  and which inclines you to have a different lifestyle and work as an Accountant say, a Scientist or an Engineer.  If so, it could be a week when the Arts could impinge on your lifestyle, and reclaim you.  Or you may have ideas that benefit the planet, and combine scientific expertise with ecological devices.   Untypically for you, you may stay out of the limelight this week and play a supportive role, like a benevolent uncle.


Tomorrow it’s Happy Halloween, and many will favour or even seek out the scary vibe.  Any poetry written early in the week could appear uncharacteristically fanciful.  You could just let it out uncritically, in the manner of Julia Cameron (whose books include “The Artist’s Way”, “The Right to Write”),  writing for writing’s sake.  Let go of the perfectionism you are known for, and see what happens.  Writing for you tends to be a studious affair, but your sign has undeniable ability in this craft.  With Venus close to your natal planet all week, you will be involved in some warm exchanges.


A full blooded Halloween would ideally have a square from Pluto, but tomorrow’s square between Venus and Neptune can do paranoid at least.  So a paranoid Halloween to those who would like a bit of scaremongering.  For on Tuesday (1st November) Monday’s emotional paranoia gives way to mental paranoia resulting from Mercury’s square to Neptune, or mental evaluation of the previous day’s emotional paranoia.  You know you love it.  Sometimes we just have to go through and examine the paranoia, before we can progress.  Paranoia and scaremongering are out of the natural comfort zone of Libran pleasantness, but Neptune’s square to your ruler can bring a little edge to your normal way of being.  Let out some tension.


The Sun is still in your sign, and you may have the other zodiac signs riveted with fascination.  They may be trying to work out how you function.  What they may not be able to connect with is that deep underground watery well of emotion, unless they have a strong Plutonian streak or another way of resonating with your nature.  You may prefer to be silent this week, not to write or perform, but just to observe life, and keep on collecting your reservoir of wisdom.


Any poetry written on Tuesday (1st November) could be incomprehensible to your fellow man or woman, very Joycian (James Joyce had Sun/Venus square Neptune).  You know that book they say is residing in each of us?  This may be the week that it almost surfaces.  Keep your pen poised, and notebook handy.  Hold off actual writing ideally until Wednesday (2nd), when it is safe to write and the muse could come out of the closet, with Venus entering your adventurous sign.  The Sun’s opposition with your ruler Jupiter may have recently brought a power struggle and you may have lost a battle, but Pluto’s recent trine to Jupiter supports an enduring victory.


Are you a soft centre with a hard shell, or the reverse?  You can start to pursue a romantic ideal this week, or a love of the outdoors.  Fashion note: deerstalker hat, country brogues and Burberry jacket (unless, like me, you never wear them).  The morning activity of Wednesday 2nd will maintain a profound quality, with Mercury still in Scorpio, and those born at the end of Capricorn will be especially mentally acute.  You put judgementalism on the back burner this week.


In the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd, Mercury enters Sagittarius, spicing up your taste for adventure – both for inner journeying and outward bound travel.  At close of play on Wednesday, Venus squares Chiron, so someone may criticize your fashion sense as being just too out there.  A brief healing crisis could result, but remember who you are – the original rebel!  On Thursday (3rd) you may actualize some poetry, novel  writing or painting and surprise even yourself in the process with a fever pitch of ingenuity , for Venus and Mercury trine your natal ruler Uranus.  These aspects are also good for relationships and inventions, and higher orders of thought, while also taking in scientific invention and design.  It could be your week.


Mercury squares Chiron on Thursday (3rd November), so there could be some nervous tension and self-questioning, or nail-biting.  Some meditation would be advised in order to tap into the universal consciousness, and your connection with it.  If plaudits are what you seek, the Booker prize is spoken for this year, having gone to Julian Barnes…He does not have Mercury conjunct Venus, but J.K. Rowling does have.  She started writing in cafes, and so may you this week.  You may start the week confused, with your ruler Neptune playing up, but feel yourself becoming clearer as the week goes on.  Spookily, as I finished writing this blog, highlighting this week’s connection with poetry, I learned that a Poet had just become the new President of Ireland…

(Back to normal next week, including the bullet points)