Today’s Mercury conjunct Uranus is exciting for the technophiles among us, and for those who are practising their telepathic skills. Tomorrow we might be a little more delicate, as we start with a flat Venus square Saturn (be realistic about your relationships). We’re gearing up to a Full Moon later tomorrow, but this time it’s just a common or garden one without an eclipse, so you should be able to handle that without any extra ideas. Just one tip though, with Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra, the theme continues to be tension around relationships. On Wednesday (4th) we are faced with a further two squares (it’s a week to master squares, then) in the shape of Mercury square Jupiter (wild exaggerations, overstretched transport services) and then Venus square Neptune (deceptions and over-idealism). If you are creative, you can turn the squares into trines: mind-broadening for the first square and subtle connections for the second. Try that. Early on Thursday (5th) Mars sextiles Pluto, which could provide the energy to get stalled projects back on track, and re-motivate the apathetic. Use that window, because on Friday (6th) Jupiter goes stationary prior to its retrograde motion, so some plans such as international projects could temporarily stall. Also on Friday Mars enters Pisces, and that will require more thoughtfulness about how you use your energy if you are not going to upset or neglect the vulnerable. And we seem to be kept busy with aspects this week because, last but not least, Saturday brings a sextile between Mercury and Venus. This gives a chance to put right any glitches from earlier in the week, through discussion and exchange of views under a harmonious sky.