Interesting synchronicity that Joanna Lumley was finishing her Greek Odyssey on our screens as a Greek drama unfolded on the Eurozone scene,  in the crescendo of the week.  In the final programme of the series, Joanna was told that the series would be successful by an elderly Greek lady who was reading her coffee grounds.  Unfortunately, she did not pronounce on the future of the Euro.  The same evening Nicolas Sarkozy was telling the G20 summit “We cannot accept the explosion of the euro, which would mean the explosion of Europe” at the same time as George Papandreou of Greece had threatened a referendum, which he later described as a shock tactic, saying he didn’t mean it really… George Papandreou the Prime Minister of Greece has Mercury (his mental equipment) at 4 degrees Cancer, which squares the Pluto of the natal chart of Greece (bringing mental strain to his natal equipment).  The current square of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn form a T-square with his natal Mercury, increasing that mental strain to the hilt.  Some questioned his mental state in engineering the brinkmanship brought about by his announcement of a referendum, and political positions are still being worked out in Greece now.  Meanwhile, almost at the heart and helm of the Euro crisis (Angela Merkel being the heart and helm) according to the Astrology, Nicolas Sarkozy has an instinctive understanding of the European Union (and therefore has easily built up an image of how his role should be within it).  His Mercury is sextile the European Union Mercury (giving him a facility with ideas related to it, business and economic issues within it, and communication channels).  His Neptune is also conjunct the European Union Jupiter, so there is almost a sense of religiosity in the way he feels about the European Union and its potential.  His Jupiter squares the Euro (as distinct from the European Union) Nodal Axis, so he has a karmic role to play at this time, and one of keeping up its profile in some way.  His Pluto trines its Jupiter, so he is totally involved in trying to make it work.  His Neptune squares its Uranus however, so his own illusions may complicate its destiny further.  But there is no doubting his commitment, in saying: “The euro is at the heart of Europe”.  I took a break from all this yesterday, and had a great time at the Brian Weiss workshop in London yesterday. Brian Weiss is the most popular of past-life therapists and author of such classics as “Many Lives, Many Masters” and “Same Soul, Many Bodies”, and I booked my place months ago. Apparently the event was an almost instant sell-out.  People came from all over the world (except for the U.S.) to see this psychiatrist from Florida.  They came from places as far flung as Trinidad and Portugal, bringing translated editions from exotic locations such as Iran and Malta.  Dr. Weiss has the slowest speaking voice I have ever heard, as befits someone who has been doing past life therapy for 30 years.  He has a GSOH, in fact an acutely and unusually teasing sense of humour that doesn’t come across in his books!  I wonder how that persona comes out from his birthchart…We do not have a birthtime and so cannot divine his Ascendant and Midheaven, which often contribute to the persona.  He is a Scorpio, which is the sign of Psychiatry, and in fact it’s his birthday today.  The humour may be linked with his Jupiter being exactly sextile his North Node, which has given him a karmic grace in his work and mission.  I spent most of the day pleasantly semi-comatose (he gave 4 meditations – tremendous value!), surfacing occasionally to make notes.  I don’t know how it was for the rest of the 900-strong audience.  That might just have been my pattern because, not comparing the two in any intrinsic sense, I admit to always falling asleep whenever I have been in the presence of the Dalai Lama.  A few years ago, my hubby complained that I was meditating too much, but I have got it down to once a day now.  Enough about me, let’s look at the aspects for the week ahead.  Today is a good day for tying up small but important loose ends, with the minor aspects of Mercury/Venus semi-sextile Pluto.  It is another week with a dominant theme by Neptune, as tomorrow we face an opposition between Mars and Neptune.  Whereas last week’s Neptune issues were emotional and mental confusion, tomorrow’s opposition could bring instinctual confusion.  Well if your instincts are currently wading on shifting sands, what can you trust?  You can go to a higher level, to your intuition (via meditation, but don’t overdo it like me).  The work you do on this will pay off by Wednesday (9th) because Neptune is stationary prior to turning direct (what a relief) and you will be able to see that a spade will look like a spade.  It always was a spade, but you had your doubts, lately.  A Full Moon in Taurus on Thursday (10th) adds some more earthiness and practicality to your outlook, but not everyone finds the Full Moon energy easy, and it has to be balanced with the intensely searching Sun in Scorpio.  So if you are immersed in gardening, some part of you still has to engage with the angst going on in the world or in your personal affairs.  The same day Chiron (which has been travelling with Neptune in recent years) also turns stationary prior to direct, which benefits healing efforts, healing projects, and uncovering the associated mental causations, which may or may not be derived from the past.  And on Friday (11:11:11) Mars means business, leaving its performance-based urges in Leo, for the quieter conscientious working mode of Virgo.  We’ll be knuckling down to some real work schedules, and health and safety projects.  Many of us will be earth healing, or marking the impressive numerology of the day in some way.  The week ends on Saturday (12th) with an opposition between Mars and Chiron: energies could be awkward that day, and there may be minor healing crises or opportunities to put into practice what we have learned this week or recently.  What were your learnings, and how can you apply them? I have learned about synchronicity, and moderation in meditation, and deepened my interest in the scope of the human mind.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – housekeeping
  • Tomorrow – examining your own Achilles heel
  • Wednesday – spiritual reorientation
  • Thursday – balancing; healing initiatives
  • Friday – interesting numerology; getting down to things
  • Saturday – the square peg in the round hole