This week is looking good, in relation to some we have had lately. And today is looking especially good, with two trines going on. Sometimes trines don’t work for you if they catch your chart at an awkward angle. But these two trines catch each other at an awkward angle, so if one of them catches you awkwardly, you will probably benefit from the other! The critical degrees to get excited about are 22-23 of the signs, if you have anything placed there. The trines in question are Mercury trine Neptune, and Venus trine Uranus. The first occurs late morning in the UK, and brings ideal conditions for mediumship, channelling or mystical practices. The second aspect occurs at tea-time, and provides ideal conditions for Self-Help Groups, especially those with a musical or artistic focus. With Venus still in Cancer, there is a maternal feel to inter-group relations. If you have not already set up such a group, text out the invitations now and be sure to include at least one Aquarian, as they know what the purpose of group energy is for. If you are going out, make it an unusual venue or a different diner. You could meet interesting new people, and raise a glass or an eyebrow. If you’re having a night in with your guides, they may club together to provide new information about relating, or introduce you to a new guide. Well all that sounds like a healing basis to start the week, and enthusiasm may build towards Wednesday (9th) when the morning brings an energy burst of Sun opposite Jupiter. Try restraining the Leos and Sagittarians that day – they will be metaphorically bouncing up and down on a trampoline. It will be down to the Virgoans and Capricorns of this world to encourage them to come down to earth for some reality checks. Virgoans, especially those born at the end of August, could have a special role to play this week in arbitrating arguments, bringing fire signs down to earth, and reminding everyone there is a job to do on the planet. Thursday (10th) is the best day to observe this role, because Mercury (ruler of Virgo) opposes Pluto, Mars conjoins Saturn at 5 degrees Virgo, and Mercury also changes signs. Normally quiet Virgoans could be driven in desperation or frustration to become more forceful and vehement in their opinions that day on the subjects they really care about. Listen to them, for their thoughts about pollution and the environment come from integrity, and they may hold the key to solutions or ethical practices. They will be extra intense, and have a sense of urgency about their mission. Warning to Leos and Sagittarians: get off the trampoline now, as the Virgoans need to dismantle and recycle it. Mercury, as mentioned, changes signs on Thursday, commuting from Gemini to Cancer. The purely mental analytical approach of Gemini and Virgo will give way to the more sensitive outlook which brings into account other people’s feelings. OK, the Virgoan may allow one more bounce on the trampoline out of compassion for the firesign egos, before getting to grips with the job. The final astrological event of the week is set for tea-time on Saturday (12th) with the entry of Venus into Leo. Leos will be happy to get of the trampoline for the sake of a new (or old) love interest, or narcissism. Sagittarians will carry on trampolining in their mind. For other signs, the compassionate focus of Venus in Cancer can give way to Leonine adoration especially towards children (the prodigal one may return), and creativity will capture the essence of beauty. For goodness sake though, pay some attention to that Leo, and mirror back the self-love.