This blog was inspired by a friend, to whom on first meeting I asked the question: “On a scale of 1 – 10, what level of Astrology would you say you’re at?”

She replied confidently “A Six”.

Since then she has gradually lowered her level to a Three.

So here, at current understanding, are the 10 Levels.

  1.  You don’t take interest in Astrology, except to occasionally read your newspaper horoscope for fun.
  2. You know your Sun signs, and sometimes ask people theirs.  You can come up with some startling psychological insights on this basis.
  3. You have had your chart done, and know the rudiments of how a birth chart works.  From listening to and reading Astrological articles, you can make theories of your own and you feel connected with what is out there in the Cosmos.  You play it safe by using only the Equal House System, otherwise you would get confused.
  4. You have jumped in on Astrology through the psychic route, perhaps from tarot or palmistry or mediumship, and can almost read a chart just by placing the palms of your hands on the chart while looking at someone’s face (or without even looking at them).  You may feel like ignoring some of the unnecessary details and new-fangled theories, as they interfere with your mental images and the messages from your guides.  Sometimes you just look at the aspect patterns in the middle of the chart and see the interpretations visually.  A type 4 can rise through the ranks very rapidly, but often finds a new primary path.
  5. You see Astrology as part of your philosophical research, and may be a Psychiatric professional, a Philosopher or even a Scientist, and it becomes part of your tool kit in a wider practice.  You sense the potential of Astrology, but see it as an adjunct to your main Profession.  Nevertheless, you have a very proficient grasp of the subject, and at the back of your mind you sense that you may give it a higher profile in your work some day.  You see yourself as an intellectual liberal.
  6. You are a serious student of Astrology, perhaps reluctant to see yourself as an Astrologer, but soaking up information and learning and theory at a prodigious rate.  The study of the subject fills you with confidence that the Science/Art can potentially solve any question.  You take on a few clients in order to help you with what you see as an eternal research.
  7. You maintain a private Astrological practice, but do not feel yourself to be very adventurous.  You are quietly contented with your level, and happy to carry on as you are.  You have, however, gone beyond the classical textbooks in examining the role of Chiron since it was discovered in 1977.  You are a bit wary about Ophiuchus theories, though.
  8. From starting on the basics years ago, and possibly taking a qualification in Astrology, you have learned through experience and a computer-like memory which can compile statistics mentally, plus a steady private practice, to apply Astrology all the time to everything in your life.  You might even have a blog, too.  You may be a bit daunted by all the advanced Astrological software, and therefore are unable to fulfil its potential.
  9. You work with all the asteroids, mid-points, harmonics, Solar Arc, and embrace all the latest theories, with a flexible bendy astrological mind, and can evaluate, co-ordinate and contrast all of these approaches confidently and communicate them articulately.  In addition, you are a whiz with all the computer software available to the Astrologer in the 21st Century , regularly skype your clients and publish your latest research in e-books.  You earn a living wage through Astrology.
  10. You are the teachers’ teacher in Astrology, and regularly contribute to Astrology magazines, lecture at meetings, and are a published author of several books.  Your books are regularly referred to in articles and lectures by others.


Feel free to quarrel with these descriptions, and the order in which I have placed them and to let me know if you come outside these categories.

Please note, I may alter this blog from time to time; indeed, we may create this together, reaching towards an accurate representation of the picture.  You might want to print out this article as a starting point.