As we start the week, our collective Sun is aligned with one of the Heavenly Twins, Pollux. He is the half which represents the right-side intuitive brain and the processing of inspiration. Bernadette Brady in her book on the Fixed Stars points out that we need to use both twins together (i.e. incorporate Castor the logical one too), and that is part of the process which brings inspiration into practical use. Make the whale your animal totem this week. As Chris Griscom says: “Whales have exactly the same brain as we, except seven times larger. They have made the catapultic leap into holographic thought. Whereas we are caught in our linearity, they use sound as the medium of holographic consciousness and are thus able to digest immense quantities of information simultaneously.” Mull over that today, and there’ll be plenty of opportunity tomorrow (Monday 14th) to utilize and put into practice your holographic thought, for the planets of the higher (Uranus) and lower mind (Mercury) are both splendidly aspected. If you live in the UK the morning delivers a sextile between Mercury and Saturn, so if you have made plans they should hold firm. If you live in the US you may receive a plan in your dream life. If you live in the Orient, you’ll be implementing the plan at the end of the day, and if down in Oz you’ll leave it till the laid-back afternoon to work itself out, no sweat. That’s the more left-brain (Castor) side of the bargain. The afternoon (UK time) brings a flash of intuition, electrifying and maybe out of the blue from a trine between Sun and Uranus. If you’re the creative kind and on a spiritual path striving to be so, you could conceive the bigger picture now. That’s the right-brain (Pollux) side of the bargain. Tuesday (15th) evening gets the action going with Mercury sextile Mars. This favours combining physical energy with logical thought, or “energy follows thought” as the saying goes. You can follow through on Monday’s ideas and foundations. In these heady energies you may also sense the impending Full Moon tension coming up to Friday (18th). This Full Moon is in Capricorn, opposing the Sun in Cancer. If it is your birthday that day, it is a fine balancing act between reason and emotion which you might just be able to pull off. Unlike the heavier connotations of last month’s Full Moon, this one leaves you (and us) free to manage only your own emotions and be less likely to get caught up in group shenanigans. Saturday (19th) ends the week with a not unpleasant opposition: that of Mercury and Jupiter. You might have to travel to fulfil its brief, or broaden your mind, but it shouldn’t cause too much havoc. If you are inconvenienced by a travel detour for instance, something you encounter along the way will cause you to appreciate the silver lining. If you’re caught in a rainstorm, you’ll anticipate the rainbow. It’s a reasonable mindset on which to end the week.