Uranus has returned to 0 degrees Aries, where it initiated the Arab Spring.  The Arab Spring has the energy of Uranus in Aries, as does the Occupy movement.  We are in the throes of inner and outer revolution.  As a human race we now demand freedom from slavery, and also in our personal relationships.  This is supported by the current placement of Saturn in Libra, because we cannot find refuge in relationships or clinging to others: we have to find everything we need within ourselves.  We are thrown back on our own resources, and from a possibly new bargaining position we are renegotiating our close relationships (Saturn in Libra).  In the Eurozone, Papademos has now replaced Papandreou in Greece, and Monti has replaced Berlusconi.  Both replacements have strong Chirons in their chart and certainly have been drafted in as healers for the economy and the morale of their respective nations.  Papademos has Chiron conjunct his Mercury, so has the ability to think outside the box, and Monti has Chiron conjunct his North Node in Leo, so it is his mission to lead in a new way with a healing intent.  Interesting that they have both appointed non-politicians to serve with them.  Sunday is a reflective, charitable day, not without illusion or paranoia, with Sun square Neptune.  For karmic reasons, you may be drawn to involvement with Neptunian places and institutions such as churches, hospitals and charities. There is a sense of surrendering, with a compassionate view of the world, and fundraising may be involved.  On Tuesday (22nd) first Venus from the Galactic Centre sextiles Saturn, so there is some quiet re-evaluation of a long and loyal friendship.  You can meet quietly to take stock of your lives. With the emphasis on the Galactic Centre, the love at the heart of the Universe can be received and transmitted, the cosmic love that connects everything together.   Also on Tuesday, we leave behind the emotional wrangling we have been occupied with in the last month as the Sun leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius.  Instead, we will be turning our emotional experiences into philosophical understanding about life over the next month.  Sample conversation over coffee in the corner of a library:

Friend A: (sporting a poppy, and a plastic red nose)  “You know, it’s difficult being a spirit having a human experience.”

Friend B:  (sounding weary) “Oooh, I know what you mean.  I have trouble giving up my addictions.  Take smoking – it was O.K. in my Native American lifetime…I am really truly searching for the answer.  Do you think it’s easier to deal with addictions after you have retired?”

[We’ll meet them again later]

In fact, over the next week there will be a lot of that sort of discussion.  Even doers will become thinkers this week.  The thinking (a la Sagittarius) will be laced with humour, and if your Inner Clown has been in a closet for the last 11 months, now’s the time to dust him or her down, and take him or her out into the party season.  If Ricky Gervais can be asked to host the Golden Globes again for the third time your own Inner Clown can be welcome anywhere anytime, even if you are a shy Sun sign. Ricky is a Cancerian, and famous for his crab dance.  He has the controversial planet Uranus square natally to his ruling Moon, but is currently empowered by a transit of Pluto trine his natal Pluto, linking his life in with the Grand Trine described last week (which is currently still active).    But the Sun squares Chiron on Wednesday (23rd) and the poignant side of the clown comes out (you might have tried the positive-thinking-only line, and the shadow comes up as a backlash).  Just adjust your philosophy accordingly, realizing that your Inner Clown is a work in progress and needs some healing and some bringing into the present.  Once the tears are out of the way that day, there are two trines to bring out the smiles.  The first is a trine between the Sun and Uranus, bringing out original creativity and inventiveness, and then Mars trine Pluto.  Mars trine Pluto affords the chance to heal past hurts, victimhood and self-harm.  It is a powerful energy, and can be mis-used, but can also be used to move on.  On Thursday (24th) – uh oh!  It’s the bane of astrological life – Mercury Retrograde, again.  If you have been keeping that Mercury Retrograde workbook, you may have evolved your own strategies and patterns with it, but if not just keep in mind the mantra “clear communication” and keep  writing and referring to your insights.  Friday (25th) brings us a smooth sextile between Venus and Neptune.  Love is on the agenda again, and this time it’s ideal love, and inspired expression of the Arts.

Cut to the supermarket,  next to the veggie food cabinet:

Friend C:  “Hiya!  How are you?  If you don’t mind me saying so, that red nose is a bit out of season…Oh I’m so busy these days.  Trying to choose which brand of veggie sausage is best – they’ve stopped doing my favourite.  (Sigh) Would love to find the time to do something more creative.”

Friend A:  “Funny you should say that!  It’s a point I was making to B on Tuesday.  Would our lives flow better if we were doing that, instead of being a the beck and call of errands, demands, events and duties?”.

Friday also brings us a New Moon at 2 degrees Sagittarius, more discussion of life, philosophy, freedom, and global affairs.  And finally, Saturday (26th) Venus enters Capricorn, and we feel that we have to ground some of our ideas into reality, e.g. by becoming more politically active on behalf of society.  Start an Occupy movement, anyone?  Work your way through the charity Christmas catalogues?  Put your name down for the marathon?  Stand for your local council?  Or clear your clutter first.

Last sample discussion:

[In a railway carriage]

Friend A:  “Well if it isn’t B!  That’s twice in one year I have seen you, what a surprise! Guess who I bumped into in the supermarket the other day – C, another member of our Soul Group!”

Friend B:  [moving her luggage] “Here take a seat.  I was hoping to continue our conversation.  I was thinking over what you said, and I have decided to turn myself in at the local gym.  By the way, that purple skirt doesn’t really go -”

(to be continued…)

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – Tread softly
  • Tuesday –  Quiet catch-up; mind-broadening and heart-broadening
  • Wednesday –  Healing crisis, and healing resolutions
  • Friday –  Love and inspiration; new ideas
  • Saturday – Getting real