If last week had you in Whale mode, this week will have you in Lion mode. For the inner lion or lioness is right now waiting in the wings (the later degrees of the sign of Cancer) for his or her grand entrance into Leo on Tuesday (22nd). What preparations are going on in your life at the moment, waiting to be unveiled? Are you perhaps re-decorating, ready for a housewarming or officewarming on Tuesday? Are you auditioning for your next pantomime? Are you putting the finishing touches to a portrait in oils? There is sure to be a sense of panache and a flourish about what is shown and demonstrated and unveiled on Tuesday, with the Sun going into Leo. And later on that day, there is a trine between Mercury and Uranus in water signs. This is a change of mood, and focus, from the earlier events of the day. It’s a reprise of the Whale, so the holographic consciousness you perfected last week will stand you in good stead. That means spectacular breakthroughs, inventions and discoveries, original systems of thought. Remember to visualize your sonic plume…There’s enough there that day to dine out on all week, and leftovers from Tuesday are needed to bridge the gap until the next set of aspects which don’t arrive until Saturday (26th). If you enjoyed Tuesday, Saturday is a replay of sorts, because again we have a planet entering Leo (in this case Mercury) and then later in the day another trine (in this case between Mars and Jupiter). This week is about having a second chance to build on or perfect what you have achieved. Mercury entering Leo brings the head (or mane) count to three: Sun, Venus and Mercury all in this hedonistic sign. Even if you don’t have an ounce of Leo in your birth chart, you could get caught up in the carnival atmosphere. And finally, the riotous trine of two fire planets Mars and Jupiter living it up on a Saturday night! Could be a fling to remember, when you are involved in demanding new work routines later in the year.