Saturday evenings lately have been a marathon roller-coaster of television viewing: Strictly Come Dancing, through X-Factor, through I’m a Celebrity (get me out of here).  I am even completely indoctrinated by the adverts, to the extent that I truly believe that you need to go to Iceland for your party food: Stacey Solomon’s ecstatic bopping has won me over.  This is the shadow side of my lifestyle.  The light side, during the week, is travelling up and down the country constantly on the train between Norfolk (home), Leicester (grandson), Cambridge (post-retirement day job), Salisbury (family) and London (leisure), while trying to fit in astrological work, meditation and Christmas shopping.  My astrological musings yesterday were about the X-Factor panel/judges/mentors.  Louis Walsh, still standing from the original institution, is a Leo but has North Node (karmic mission) in Aquarius, the sign of boy bands.  Since he lost his last remaining act, it has been good to see him champion other acts, including the last girl band standing, “Little Mix”.  He may have been traumatized in his past lives (e.g. in the Irish potato famine) with Pluto on his South Node.  But show business is in his blood, with 4 planets in Leo.  He loves a power struggle though, with Jupiter square his Pluto and Nodal Axis.  Next in order of seating, is Tulisa Contostavlos, whose musical genre is hip hop.  She has not had an easy life, with her mother suffering bi-polar disorder.  She has a lot of stress and conflict in her chart, which has forged her strong personality, resulting in an edgy persona, willing to fight for her little muffins (“Little Mix”) in her maternal 4-planets in Cancer type of way.  Mentally, she is used to stress (Mercury conjunct Chiron, square Mars).   Kelly Rowland, who sits next to Tulisa, is an Aquarian, but her warmth comes from a strong Piscean empathy: Venus conjunct Mars in Pisces, and Sun sextile Neptune.  She has a psychologically strong Sun trine Pluto, but may have some indecisiveness with a conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn – witness her letting Amelia Lily go in the first round (not without tears) then welcoming her back with open arms as a possible potential winner a few weeks later.  However, this indecisiveness is a two-sided coin, the other side of which is measured judgement, assisted by a sextile of Jupiter/Saturn with the North Node.  Karma is often on her side, and she has 3 acts left in the contest.  I remember thinking in the boot camp phase that the girls were a really strong category this year, and she was fortunate to land this category.  Gary Barlow, the replacement for Simon Cowell, has come in for a lot of criticism in this competition, but I like him in the role.  His original and prolific song talent is shown in his chart by Venus in Sagittarius (prolific) sextile Uranus in Libra (original songwriting).  That same aspect is responsible for his successful involvement in the legendary boy band “Take That”.  The only contestant I have a chart for is Scorpio Janet Devlin (with the characteristic red mane).  She has been ill this weekend, and recently had poor song choices, but with 5 planets in Scorpio plus the North Node and Sun exactly square Mars, as one of the judges put it yesterday she is a fighter, and will have courage and strength even if she goes out in tonight’s results show.  Today’s Venus square Uranus could produce strange results and quirky art forms and unusual meetings.  Venus also sextiles Chiron, so there is an underlying healing thread in physical terms, and in art and music, even though Uranus is causing disruptions (the disruptions have a reason).  Later tonight Venus trines Jupiter, so party like a celeb.  Put those nibbles out as you watch the telly.  Actually, to be serious, you may have reason to celebrate – don’t miss the opportunity by being a couch potato.   On Thursday (1st December) Venus conjuncts Pluto and it’s time to get serious about your relationship(s).  Focus, perhaps, on its higher purpose.  Or on any lingering psychological issues which are blocking its potential and commitment.  There may be endings to outworn ways of relating which are not working, but hopefully your relationship(s) can emerge more strongly.  The Sun squares Mars on Friday (2nd) so you will be feeling the heat, in some way.  You may be hot-headed, or incident-prone, for instance.  Watch other motorists on the road: men and cars could clash, and dogs could also be hot-headed.  The last aspect to work with this week is Friday’s conjunction between Mercury and the North Node.  This involves Mercury Retrograde so the karmic reward flavour of the aspect which potentially could bring brisk business, sales, and significant communication and information, could be skewed by the retrograde aspect.  Keep on your toes if making a deal, keep ahead of the game, and keep your integrity.  You could even outwit the notorious Mercury Retrograde, that way!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – emphasis on art, music and relationships and improving through the day
  • Thursday – deep relationships
  • Friday – high energy difficult to manage.  Karmically, watch the detail