The working week (Monday 28th) begins with Venus conjunct the South Node at 19 degrees Leo. If your focus is on your workplace, you may discover the karmic connections which have brought you to your office. If you are in holiday mode, your holiday destination may have past-life resonances or karma to clear in a gentle and harmonious way. If you are voluntarily on a permanent retreat lifestyle, then you may discover inner cosmic connections. You’ll begin to sense that useful items this week could be antennae, a tuning fork, a steering wheel and a compass. On the evening of Tuesday 29th (UK time) a conjunction between Sun and Mercury at 7 degrees of Leo crystallizes the mental qualities of your inner lion or lioness in what are still the early days of the Leo month. Some of you found it hard to rouse your inner lion(ess) last week, perhaps you had put it away for a whole year. Tuesday is another chance to bring out your fun-loving streak and reveal your inner light. It’s also a suitable time to meditate on your alignment with your authentic self, so that you are absolutely right on for the total solar eclipse in Leo later in the week. Eclipses usually are turning points in people’s lives, and you want to be sure that you are coming from source and know where you are going. Leo is the sign for leadership, and if you’re in that role, it’s a chance to focus on the true path, so that you will not be misleading anyone. With his Mercury and Sun in the relevant sector of Leo, it will be a crucial eclipse for Barack Obama. Along with the rest of us, he needs to search his soul that he is taking the right direction now, but especially so given his potential responsibility. So with our inner compass set to true, Thursday afternoon and early evening builds up to Friday’s eclipse. Firstly on Thursday (31st) afternoon Venus opposes Neptune, another chance to test out your route. Will Friday’s planned route be a red herring, or truly a direction which serves you and those around you? The combination of Venus and Neptune could test whether you are in illusion about your intended path, and especially in terms of who you are able to put your trust into – are your expectations of someone fair for instance? Welcome the test, as it will help to show you the truth. Look for inner confirmation, rather than picking a card at random. The next event, early evening on Thursday, is the Moon’s entry into Leo joining three other planets. This is an opportunity to test the emotional waters and feel whether you have set the emotional tone right. Finally, on Friday (1st August) in the morning, the eclipse arrives. Hope it’s a good journey for you, and you find yourself in the right place in the cosmos and in your psyche.