For those of you who have been following this blog since the summer, you will understand when I say that “Bullet Man” (responsible for the bullet point innovation on the blog) has again expressed an opinion.

This time he has asked for the blog to appear in paragraphs, to make it easier to read.  Bullet Man, if you’re reading, I forgot to ask if you needed subject headings for the paragraph, so please contact me through the comment box or privately to indicate what is required.

So if you (dear readers) want to skip the politics then go straight to paragraph 2.

The Eurozone crisis is still threatening the stability of the world economy.  This week the crisis has been held squarely in the hands of Angela Merkel, so she’s got the whole world in her hands.  I think that makes her woman of the week, though hubby disagrees…In May 2010 I wrote that “Her natal chart shows an interest in personal finance (North Node and Chiron in the 2nd House) and public finance (Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun in 8th House).”  Looking now at her chart in more detail, she has the Sun tightly conjunct Uranus in Cancer, so she is always going to provide leadership which benefits her own country.  This conjunction is square to her natal Neptune and she might be torn between divide and rule or unite and rule.  At the moment her policy is fiscal union, and a tight leadership of Europe with Sarkozy of France.  Also natally she has Mars at the Galactic Centre, so she has leadership of Europe but also access to a more cosmic wisdom than maybe even she realizes.  We are fortunate to have her birth time, which reveals a Sagittarian Ascendant which will be transited this month by the North Node (a karmic balancing or reckoning, a chance to ask the Cosmos how she is doing).  Angela is personally in tune with the European Union chart, having Mars conjunct its Mercury (able to act on its behalf) and Moon conjunct its Venus (she has her heart in it).  She has some oppositions between her chart and the Euro(zone) chart, but her Pluto is trine its Sun, so she would do her best by it from a very fundamental place within.  Nicolas Sarkozy’s Jupiter conjuncts Angela Merkel’s Uranus so together they make a sparky Entrepreneur, and this would give them the oomph to try and make a fist of the Eurozone problem. However, their composite chart (“Merkozy”, as they are now being dubbed) shows Venus conjunct Neptune (financial idealism) in the 12th House which makes their idealism hard to manifest.  Saturn is currently sextile Angela Merkel’s Mars which shows the constraints she is under in acting, but also the steady and deliberate way in which she is dealing with things and responding to the needs of the times.

Read on if you are specifically interested in the week ahead:

Today the Sun conjuncts Mercury but Mercury is retrograde and squares Mars.  If you are able to keep Mercury on the straight and narrow, you could achieve a great deal in terms of research or philosophical thought.  If you are several years into a long-running thesis, you may be able to revive it significantly today, and it may be something that makes you angry which gives you the fuel to do it, e.g. the thought that if only you had completed it earlier your life or society may have changed for the better.  If you found Friday’s Sun square Mars incident-prone, that theme may continue with today’s Mercury square Mars.  Heated words may erupt if your language faculty is not harnessed in a constructive direction.  Mechanics may play up, and dogs may be irritable.  Tomorrow Venus trines Mars and that is helpful if you are trying to kindle or re-kindle a romance, or a failing economy (but not major enough to provide a long term solution).  A good day for Merkel to cozy up to a Sarkozy and create a Merkozy, perhaps.  But it’s only One Day, and that could turn out to be Groundhog Day (oh stop!!!).  On Tuesday (6th) the Sun conjuncts the North Node in Sagittarius (close to Angela Merkel’s Ascendant) and the Force could be with you if you are operating under not just European Law but spiritual law as well.  Make sure your karma is properly aligned, and you could shift on your way to a positive and optimistic future life.  You might know if you have achieved this straight away because on the same day Jupiter trines Chiron and you may achieve some miraculous healing or the means to it, such as a flash of great insight or a Eureka moment.  On Thursday (8th) Mercury semi-sextiles Pluto so there could be a slight counteraction of the healings of Tuesday, but these may be in the form of your doubts, or some difficult travel.  You are being tested, so don’t let a tiny flaw or awkward detail de-rail the overall path or vision.  If you can do something about it though, then that’s one more step towards perfection.  On Saturday (10th) Uranus turns stationary prior to direct and the spanner in the works reveals its mysterious ways and begins to pull some slightly more pleasant surprises.  I have to be careful here that I am not being too Sagittarian.  Balance can be provided by Capricornian fiscal genius (we have too few of them in the world) Raymond Merriman.  On his blog for this week he writes: “…the master of the unexpected and surprise – Uranus – turns stationary direct. This is not only wild and volatile, it can also be highly disruptive and unstable”.  For the full context, please find his link on my Contact page.  What could skew the energies on Saturday is another eclipse, a Full Moon in Gemini, which will make it hard to agree on policies between two people.  A third opinion may have to be sought – do you think Merkozy will let Cameron in?

If you would like an insight into the way of the Sagittarian we have the third in the Zodiac Masterclass series here:

For those even too busy to read the second paragraph…

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Tricky, but could be very productive
  • Tomorrow – Cozy/Kozy
  • Tuesday – Alignment and Healing
  • Thursday – Notice the detail
  • Saturday – Stress and possible breakthrough