How does the new landscape look? Last week held its challenges, but these also brought new solutions, as we raise our game. Relationships may have deepened, for Tuesday (5th) brings the establishment of a new level of understanding between you and your loved ones with the peak of a trine between Venus and Pluto. Venus at the end of Leo signifies spiritual love, and Pluto at the end of Sagittarius signifies a deeper understanding of life – a great combination. New connections may be forged and existing ones strengthened. Enjoy this level of love, for on Wednesday (6th) morning Venus enters Virgo and will carry out a different agenda. Venus in Virgo supports good taste in food, art, and friendships. Standards in all of these will be scrutinized and analysed and sifted until they pass the test. Gordon Ramsey, Damian Hirst and Spice Girls watch out! Try to get to grips with this one early in the day, for at tea-time (in the UK) there are TWO oppositions within two minutes of each other! First to ruffle our feathers is Mars opposite Uranus, which can be incident-prone: time to get out of Gordon’s kitchen now! The second is Mercury opposite Neptune, which can make you fall asleep on the job, or on the way home. With Uranus and Neptune playing up, there may be some strange weather conditions. The events of Wednesday could give food for thought, with unusual phenomena. Phew! We end the week (on Saturday 9th) on a helpful aspect as Mercury trines Pluto. If you found the Venus-Pluto trine constructive emotionally, you’ll build on that with the profound benefits that Mercury-Pluto will bring, but translated to the mental realm: deep conversation, soul-knowing, and important journeyings. Make an effort to visit someone you haven’t seen for some while or who has been living an isolated existence, and link souls.