The position in which Britain finds itself this Sunday morning, after Uranus turned direct and the Moon was eclipsed at the end of last week, is a matter of glee for Eurosceptics and the worst-case scenario for Pro-Europeans.  I am referring of course to David Cameron’s “stand” on Europe, leaving us potentially isolated from the rest of Europe and other major trading blocs.  I try hard to be impartial in my blog (some might say not hard enough) but at the risk of alienating half my readers, on this issue I have to show my true Pro-European colours.  I am with Paddy Ashdown, who says in the Observer today: “We have tipped 38 years of foreign policy down the drain”.  We now know where David Cameron is coming from: not from the world view of the statesman which would do the best for the world economy, not from the European view which would do the best for the Euro thus helping to do the best for the world economy, but from the insular world of the rich elite of this country and his immediate political allies whose interests mean most to him.  The Observer leader points out: “Cameron has allowed his relationships with Sarkozy and Merkel to deteriorate to such an extent that he could not read the signals hinting that they would give him nothing…There are alarming signs that he lacks the emotional intelligence that a first-order statesman needs if they are to take a seat at the table of political history – forming alliances, building up support, accruing political capital, nudging, cajoling.”  How can this be?  He is, after all, a Libran, supposedly an expert on relationships!  The problem is the narrowness of his experience and vision of life, which is still relatively egocentric.  It is the level of Libranness that is to be questioned – he is at a more primitive level in comparison to fellow Libran Mahatma Gandhi.  What was the astrological trigger for his “standing up for Britain?”  It was indeed an issue of self-assertion, being transiting Neptune (confusion) opposing his Mars (self-assertion).  The principle of Unity which would see us contributing our U.K. talents to the world and to Europe, power in cohesiveness, was ditched in favour of pleasing (Libra) the circle he grew up with.  In truth, we have no power unless we are in relationship with the world.  That was the “illusion” (Neptune) which influenced his “stand” (Mars).

On Tuesday (13th) Jupiter from 0 degrees Taurus is semi-sextile Uranus at 0 degrees Aries, very fundamental positions being tested against each other.  Some Gandhi-like negotiations might be needed, in order to avoid the collapse of the whole.  In your own life one area may look to be holding up, but faces a challenge from another area of your life which somehow you know could go either way.  Expand your consciousness and see things from a larger perspective, where things are already unified and whole.  Mars also squares the Nodal Axis on Tuesday, so issues of self-assertion versus karma and integrity arise to be dealt with.  Ask yourself what power you have and why you need it, and whether you are willing to join your own power with others for a higher path.  You cannot lose your own Soul, that’s the bottom line – it will always be there, however buried!  Wrestling with the bigger issues in your life is important these few days, and getting them right according to your own conscience, because when Mercury turns direct again on Wednesday (14th) you’ll be in a position to act and implement again on the detail and the documentation.  Those who find Mercury Retrograde difficult can do a dance or hold a celebration.  In theory, this will be good for the Christmas post and rail networks (I have to declare that I have suffered, this last week, at the hands of Mercury Retrograde as applied to the rail network, in rain, frost and wind).  It is possible that I might be in a position to start writing my Christmas cards.

Now none of this human posturing (in politics) or angst (in conscience) or communication difficulties (inwardly and outwardly) may be of any importance relative to the issue of global warming which was shown graphically on the last episode of “Frozen Planet” by David Attenborough tele-visually this week (a programme which I happened to catch).  On the Andrew Marr show this morning, David Attenborough reminded him that the melting of the ice was not in dispute, but it was the contribution of mankind which was in dispute.

The week in bullet point:

  • Tuesday – seismic shifts and tectonic plates in the human experience;

Plus karmic patterns in connection with warriorship

  • Wednesday – full steam ahead academically, intellectually, workwise and in matters of communication