Headline: Second member of McFly wins a reality TV series in the same month

Harry Judd, winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2011, is a Capricorn, with Sun conjunct Neptune (facility for dance) in Capricorn sextile Mars/Pluto in Scorpio, a bundle of energy.  He has 4 planets in Sagittarius, so has a taste for adventure, and Pluto at the South Node (which with Mars conjunct Pluto points to a darker side!  His tango is definitely smouldering…).  Pluto is currently sextile his Pluto, so he has come into his power.  The other member of McFly to win a trophy recently, Dougie Poynter who was crowned King of the Jungle in I’m a Celebrity (on 3rd December), is two years younger than Harry, but shares some similarities in his chart.  His Venus conjunct Neptune (musical inspiration) is conjunct Harry’s Sun/Neptune, and he too has Mars conjunct Pluto, but loosely, in the same area as Harry’s, so they magnify each other’s talents.  At the time of his win, Saturn was sextile his Uranus and Pluto was transiting his Neptune (the episode in the Jungle would have been a psychological journey for him).  Harry’s North Node trines exactly Dougie’s Neptune; Harry’s Neptune conjuncts exactly Dougie’s Venus. The other two band members were the founder members of the group and have been  enthusiastic supporters (first on the dance floor to congratulate Harry last night, being shooed off by Bruce Forsyth!).  Danny Jones is a Piscean with Mars conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius (urge for excitement).  The group came to fame in 2004, when Uranus was trine Danny’s Pluto.  Tom Fletcher is Cancerian with Sun conjunct Mars (again, high-energy), Venus conjunct Chiron (healing through music).

Without further ado, let’s look at the coming week’s aspects.  I am sure you have plenty of things to do, people to see and presents to buy, and on top of that we have several aspects to negotiate.  Today, Venus squares Saturn, which would be a good day to visit that elderly neighbor or relative and take round a hot toddy or whatever they might fancy.  Tomorrow the Sun sextiles Saturn, so it is good for serious intentions, such as finishing your Christmas shopping.  Head down, you can do it!  On Tuesday (20th), Venus enters Aquarius and you may be able to focus on the partying and socializing if you completed your Christmas shopping.  Fresh ventures are favoured, such as the annual defrosting of the fridge/freezer prior to packing it with Christmas party bites from Iceland.  Funnily enough, I can see myself doing that even though I will be spending Christmas day elsewhere – old habits die hard.  Next, the Sun sextiles Neptune, putting you in touch with the spiritual meaning of Christmas…You pass a lone carol singer, selling the Big Issue, accompanied by a dog and a blanket, and stuff a fiver in their hand with a tear in your eye.  Wednesday (21st) brings a square between Venus and Jupiter – you are summoned to a Christmas do, but know you should be completing your Christmas shopping/icing your Christmas cake/looking for a Turkey.  So you feel a bit split, as though you should be in two or more places at once.  But Venus also sextiles Uranus, so you get into the spirit of it, and realize you can do this multi-tasking thing that the week before Christmas requires of you, e.g. you order the Turkey online on your I phone, while talking to the local vicar.  The 21st Century has its good points.  The Winter Solstice (the Sun’s entry into Capricorn) dawns on Thursday 22nd, and you can also do the multi-faith thing, and honour the earth as your ancient ancestors did.  Superwoman is not just a throwback to the 1980s, and neither is Superman.  Catch the sunrise, take some stunning photographs of the landscape, and say a prayer for the Polar Bear.  Stock up on more party food, just in case.  The Sun then trines Jupiter: that prayer you said for the world at the solstice comes back to you and fills your heart with the religiosity of this annual event, you feel magnanimous and any Scroogelike corners of your heart melt like the ending of A Christmas Carol.  You rush back to the lone carol singer and stuff the turkey in his or her hand and decide you will make a vegetarian chestnut roll instead and use some of the ready-rolled puff pastry logjamming your freezer.  The Sun then squares Uranus – uh oh!  A few plans may come unstuck…You realize the party nibbles are past their sell-by-date by hours, and as you are a stickler for sell-by-dates you may have to bend your own rules, just for once. [Aside: why is it that Christmas food is often labeled for before Christmas?].  Friday (23rd) is a healing day, mark your calendar, because the Sun sextiles Chiron.  You might think you are behind on your Christmas checklist, but you suddenly realize you have caught up and can put your feet up for a few moments, with a glass of pear cider.  You are doing better than you thought.  It is all coming together…Aah…!  …zzz….Ding Dong!  No it’s not merrily on high, it’s that silly doorbell chime you had installed which drives you nuts, but never mind, it’s the cheery newspaper boy reminding you of his year long service, and that you mentally put by a fiver for his Christmas box.  Can you find it?  No.  Can he wait till next year?  No…will the loose change from your purse do?  O.K.  Back to the pouffee and the glass of mock champers…Aah…!…zzz…yes it’s a moment of pure relaxation, enjoy, all is prepared and there’s a New Moon on the horizon.  Saturday (24th) Christmas Eve brings a New Moon in Capricorn, which is a lovely way to start Christmas, with good intentions, decks cleared, and hopes and wishes in their pristine state.   As I don’t think many will be reading this blog on Christmas morning, I will send you my Christmas wishes now:  joy and peace to you, and glory to all religions and atheists (hmm, wonder how Christopher Hitchens is finding his new surroundings or dimensions…).

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – last minute chores
  • Tomorrow – serious work
  • Tuesday – fresh influx of social energy; spiritual dimension
  • Wednesday – social gaffes, turning into social genius
  • Thursday – attunement to the Earth, goodwill to all, then a possible spanner in the works
  • Friday – healing
  • Saturday – hopes and wishes renewed