At the last eclipse, I found myself kissing the Blarney stone…it remains to be seen whether it’s had any effect on my blogging! It is a good time though to assess the events of the last eclipse on Friday 1st August because the next eclipse later at the end of this week will see the culmination or denouement of those events. In between, we have been processing the 08-08-08 gate, glued or not to the Olympics. The number 8 seems to correlate with the planet Saturn, so maybe this period of time between the eclipses is a foundation stone for something in your life, a new foundation of sorts. There’s a lot going on…the star we are in alignment with this week is Mirak (or Merak) in Ursa Major. Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld say of this: “This is a shift away from domination and the concentration of power in the hands of those who would abuse it.” With Chiron conjunct the True North Node now and the Sun conjunct the South Node in Leo, it’s an important time to reassess power within and without. They go on to say: “If the context is shifted from one of power to dominate into power to create, power to invite, and power to free, then this deeper awareness in a person of who they are and their connection to God and other people is enhanced.” Mercury goes into Virgo this morning, which signals the totem animals of Bee and Ant to come in and start some productive work towards new goals. It suggests that maybe some of the leaders (Leos) can go back to the shop floor and help with the groundwork, and assist the project from that level. Venus conjuncts Saturn at 9 degrees Virgo on Wednesday (13th), time to put heart into your work, combine love and duty, and commit in some way. Paradoxically, it can also be a time when you are required to let go of aspects of a relationship that don’t work, and accept the things that you cannot change. Venus and Saturn are not an easy mix, but if you are focussing on the care of the elderly, focus on the softening pink of love rather than the inexorable greying of hair. Breakfast or commute-time on Friday morning (15th) brings Sun opposite Neptune, so there will be a mist over the proceedings. Note that Mercury the weather planet was opposite Neptune at the start of the Olympics, and you couldn’t fail to notice the smog. As Friday is close to the Full Moon and eclipse, there may be a haze of confusion in relation to the climax about to take place. There may be underhand methods of gaining ground in power play and competition, in jostlings for position, for instance. Early evening however Mercury conjoins Saturn, which is a good aspect for detectives sniffing out any deceptions. Saturday is the final day of the blog week, and the Full Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Eclipse takes place at 21:16 Hrs (UK time). Try to approach this outcome with a positive attitude, and look for the treasure within each situation. With a lurking square between Mars and Pluto (balancing your inner victim and victimizer), it’s the best way to clear the collective astral smog.