If you have woken early to see what aspects Santa has brought, you can go back for a lie in after popping the turkey in the oven.  For the Xmas special (Jupiter turning direct) doesn’t occur until 22.08 Hrs in the U.K., well after the TV Xmas soaps.   Haven’t managed to watch enough cookery run- up-to-Xmas programmes, but caught Jamie Oliver doing tacos for breakfast, Nigella glittery-eyed over port and stilton (heartburn-inducing viewing) and Raymond Blanc being advised on how to rough up the potatoes, prior to cooking them in a gallon of goose fat… They looked beautifully crisp, but give me a veggie Xmas any time!  Back to Jupiter turning direct:  Christmas day itself peps up in the evening, maybe after a staid beginning (everyone on their best behaviour?) and a slow warm-up.  If you’re like the Royle family, you might start some hand jiving from your prone position on the couch.  Every family has its tried and tested traditions… My sister and I have performed “Prince Charming” by Adam Ant plus “Making your Mind up!” by Bucks Fizz every Christmas/New Year since 1981 (that’s 30 years),  adding Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever” to the repertoire in 2002. I am thinking we should preserve it on video for the next generation (not for You Tube) but my sister disagrees preferring to leave it to memory.  It was originally staged for the older generation, but the middle generation find it nothing but an embarrassment…Back to the Astrology, you know those awkward Xmas moments?  Like granny finding out you don’t like Belgian chocolate after all, or your other half winding you up with the same Xmas jokes every year?  These could occur at lunchtime on Boxing Day (26th) with Venus semi-sextle Pluto. To grin and bear it or not to grin and bear it, that is the question.  It might help to know that it’s a minor, passing aspect.  Fast forward to Thursday (29th) and the day dawns with a conjunction of the Sun and Pluto.  This could make for a dodgy episode of Eastenders – drama may be brewing or have already  brewed – have the chamomile tea ready.  Maybe Phil had too much to drink the night before and vowed to avenge the cat who ate his Christmas pudding.  His woman (is it Shirley?  I have lost track of the characters) hides the cat and replaces it with a stuffed toy.   In his bleary eyed state, Phil won’t
know the difference.   Seriously though, try to minimize the damage or fall-out,  as peace is the aim, at least until the New Year.  It would be easy to let rip. This last aspect of the year and the consequences of how you handle it will set the tone for the next year, 2012, and not since 1984 and 2000 have we had such highly-charged numbers whose fame has preceded them.  And you know what happened, and what didn’t happen, in those years.  With the slow-cooking square between Uranus and Pluto many of us are feeling that we are entering into unchartered territory.  The trick, or challenge,  is to find a vein of excitement, which will lead to creative solutions.  Happy New Year!

The week in bullet points:

  • Christmas Day – get into the swing
  • Boxing Day – minimize the agro
  • Thursday – feel your feelings, and let go of what you don’t need