Well, we are here – it’s 2012!  What have we in store?  Is it possible to sense the energy of a year from its first moments – I am sure there are people who can.  I had an email this week from my Mayan Calendar friend O’Douce, talking of Oneness, Change, Miracles and flushing out fear.  Another friend Asia Haleem wrote a blog for 2012 last year, taking an astronomical look at events, and coming to a reassuring conclusion (see Mayan Calendar category for further reading).   My mum (who does not subscribe to the Mayan Calendar) remarked that she liked the number 2012, much better than 2011.  From the synaesthetic point of view (and I am not a numerologist) I can go along with that: I saw 2011 as a spiky silver grey, but I see 2012 as a double fuschia pink, which may not mean anything.  But I think it’s important to be able to feel that it is going to be a good year.  It’s important for the hope in your heart to edge past the depressing sets of facts, figures and statistics in the news.  The stand-out events of 2011 (and if you need a reminder, read my retrospective blog) were the Arab Spring/Occupy Movements (Jupiter and Uranus in Aries) and the world-threatening Euro crisis (Uranus square Pluto, ongoing).

But it is the subject of relationships which is grabbing me, blogwise, this morning.  Television scriptwriters brought together two long term relationships  last week:  on Downton Abbey Christmas Day the writer Julian Fellowes brought together Matthew and Mary.  I for one, was relieved, because I had only just started watching it and I have a short fuse for suffering. The chart for 10.59 pm on Christmas night showed this unique television highlight as Virgo rising (emotional holding back, and perfection) close to Mars (desire) trine Moon (heightened emotion).  Pluto (power) was trine Julian Fellowes’ Saturn (restraint) – he may have felt coerced into it.  On 29th Pip and Estella were brought together on Great Expectations, Charles Dickens having produced two possible endings.  The chart for 9.59 pm showed Mars rising in Virgo again, but with an added karmic feature of the Nodal Axis squaring the Ascendant/Descendant axis plus Sun conjunct Pluto (it was a dark drama altogether).  Posthumously, the North Node was transiting Dickens’ Moon/Neptune conjunction (a karmic coercion on his sensibilities) and Pluto was squaring his Mars (more coercion – perhaps the scriptwriters did not consult him, or perhaps his original ending was just plain wrong, I mean give them a break after such difficult lives).  Meanwhile in “real” showbiz life Katherine Jenkins (who has a difficult conjunction between Mars and Saturn natally) split up with Gethin Jones (currently questioning his love life with Neptune transiting his Venus), and Russell Brand (an astrological twin of Angelina Jolie, who is hanging on to Brad Pitt) split up with Katy Perry (a really intensely Scorpionic Scorpio).  Pluto is transiting Katy’s Jupiter, making this a really intensely Scorpionic time for her, and Saturn is squaring Russell’s Venus, bringing a sad sense of emotional loss.  What is the secret of a long term relationship?  I have been married for 38 years but I do not know the answer. I do know that sometimes my hubby and I appear to be living in parallel universes, because his setting on the toaster is fine for him, whereas it burns my toast.  You may recall that on my training in Future Life Progression (much more of that to come this year) he questioned the feasibility of travelling into the future, which is his right, as a Scientist.  The subject came up again this week, and the debate continued, with an old friend of mine telling him that time goes round in a loop…Our routine was disrupted by the festivities this week, and we found ourselves watching  re-runs of Frasier and watching for the first time an American comedy series called “The Big Bang Theory”.  Hubby Mike explained to me that at the time of the big bang, photons were released and these may have created parallel universes.  I will keep you updated on the ongoing debate, but meanwhile re-affirm  my feeling that Future Life Progression contributes to an evolutionary step forward – I am preparing a new website page on this.

Today Mercury squares Mars, a day of mild irritation.  You may not be feeling at your best as a) You drank too much last night, or b) You stayed up too late, and/or c) You were awake all night trying to assess the synaesthetics of the numbers of every year since you were born.  There were fireworks last night, which at some point fizzled out, and similarly any fireworks today will at some point fizzle out.  This is the beginning of 2012 – could it be symbolic?  I think we expect more of the year.  As the beginning of the week, it might also be symbolic of the week, because this aspect goes unchallenged until Saturday (7th), so work to refine it: its highest potential is sharpness of mind.  On Saturday, Mercury sextiles Saturn, steadying the mind and providing the ability to lay down foundations for those New Year plans and resolutions.  This is later backed up by a sextile between Mercury and Neptune (the inspiration strangely coming after the plans are laid down by the solid foundations – it is as if you need the faith that provides in order to allow the dream to come forth).  There is a window around midday where Mercury is at the midpoint of the trine between Saturn and Neptune, when the vision of perfection can really be seen, at the midpoint of the material and the spiritual.  This vision may be your future life progression for 2012.

Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – delicate mind, a work in progress
  • Saturday – foundations and dreams, seize the vision