Few people could have been unmoved by the dignity of Doreen Lawrence this week, waiting 18 years for justice for her son Stephen Lawrence.  She has been the epitome of the positive strength of Sun in Scorpio.  Her contribution to the justice system has been outstanding – perhaps she will be honoured in the next set of New Year’s honours.  Her husband Neville has also contributed so much during that time, but we do not have his birth date.  The 18-year cycle is very significant karmically, as the North Node (carrier of the karmic records) takes 18 years to travel round the zodiac.  Thus Stephen Lawrence (in her own words to be remembered as a “bright, beautiful” boy) had natally the North Node at 14 degrees Sagittarius, and at his death aged 18 it had exactly returned to this natal position, then 18 years later it was at that degree during the trial, and the True Node was exactly at 14 degrees during the conviction of Dobson and Norris for his murder.  Duwayne Brooks, the friend who was with him at the time and who endured much at the time of the attack, at the hands of the Police, and as a witness in Court, has his North Node close by at 13 degrees Sagittarius.  The United Kingdom has its Sun at 14 degrees Sagittarius (in the 1922 chart) and this is why the case has been so significant for our society.  Sagittarius is one of two signs which represents the law, the other of course being Libra.  Racism is still an issue in our society, being one of the issues which was brought up by the riots last year.  It is a subject which still has a great subconscious charge, hence the Freudian slip by Diane Abbot on Twitter this week, where she appeared to be criticizing white society.  A pupil at Stephen Lawrence’s school (Abolanie Salvador) was quoted in the Guardian yesterday as saying: “I always feel like there’s  a purpose to everyone’s life, and though he did die early I think his death was significant – it made change, and that what he should be remembered for.”

Today Mercury enters Capricorn, and we leave behind the frivolity of the holiday period and knuckle down to our New Year purposes.  Mercury trines Jupiter, which broadens our minds, magnifies the benefits of our transactions today, and ensures good movement in business and sales.  Our minds are able to reach out and expand, especially if we are working on serious projects.  But there may be pitfalls, as later on in the day Uranus squares Mercury, and we need to be sure of our intent and aware of possible loopholes.  It is as if the Universe entices us to dream big, then shows us where the failings are in our plans.  We need to be aware of the trees as well as the wood.  Two heads are better than one in this respect, as one person may be able to spot something the other would miss.  Insomnia may occur overnight for that reason, and because there is a Full Moon in Cancer tomorrow – too much to digest mentally and emotionally.  You definitely need to ask your Guides to process some of it for you, until you can encompass it all!  If you are good at emotion, ask them to process the mental stuff tonight, and if you are good at intellectual gymnastics ask them to siphon off some of the emotion for the time being.  If you are always a good sleeper, your Higher Self may process it all effortlessly overnight.  Either way, the focus tomorrow will be on the emotional content of the issues in your life, perhaps family affairs.  It is an emotional high tide.  We have two trines, then two conjunctions, on Friday (13th) so the struggles of the early part of the week may actually pay off in terms of things falling into place by Friday.  First the Sun trines Mars, and we will be fired up energetically, with the more strident aspects of life to the fore. Plans for the Olympics will be proceeding apace!  The Arab Spring and Occupy movements may take a step forward.  Weather may be warmer.  Then Venus trines Saturn, and in human relations loyalty and support will be easier to give and to receive.  Again, this may relate especially to family life.  It is a good time to examine the heart, and assess whether you are going through the motions,  whether you are undergoing a dry and dutiful exercise, or whether your higher ideals are fuelling efforts to do the best by the recipients of your loyalty and support, without beating yourself up.  It is just a good time to see how things really are in relationships.  This may save you from the pitfalls of a later aspect on Friday which is Mercury conjunct Pluto, where again there is the possibility of mental and emotional overload.  If you have done the soul-searching from the beginning of the week, you may have really deep insights at this time.  If not, you may be on the receiving end of some angst, e.g. someone may tell you exactly what is in their subconscious mind (Diane Abbot may tweet you).  Be ready to engage with life, fully but constructively.  A further conjunction between Venus and Neptune completes the Friday 13th package, which can go either way.  Idealism or illusionment in love are on the sides of the divide, and again you need to go in there fully conscious.  Therefore meditation between aspects today may help regulate them and derive the best from them.  I would recommend meditating first thing in the morning (the first trine being at 4.46 a.m. in the U.K.) and then again early lunchtime, before the conjunction between Mercury and Pluto at 13.03 p.m.  This could be a tricky exercise at work, e.g. in the Office, as you may have to swop a lunch break time with a workmate, or lobby that your Office provide a meditation room.  You may find yourself expanding your heart and your compassion, especially if you are working with the meditation, and may be able to see things in a heart-centred and compassionate way (Venus conjunct Neptune) while also in a detached and expanded state (Venus at the end of Aquarius and on the cusp with Pisces).  The week’s journey concludes with Venus entering Pisces on Saturday (14th) and if you feel you have been processing your life through a fine toothed comb throughout the week, you will relax into your emotions on Saturday, into the collective pool of emotion, and this may feel like a release.  If you are not a Piscean, you may worry that this is chaotic, letting go and letting God.  But you may by that time have no choice but to stop struggling and start surrendering.  Some moments are like that.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a mental work-out
  • Tomorrow – an emotional high tide
  • Friday – a bonanza of life experience
  • Saturday – let go emotionally