Another week of having to think on your feet, for it’s a week of disruption and dissonance. With the opposition between Uranus and Mercury-Venus coming up to a T-square with Pluto, some of you will feel out of your comfort zone this week, like you’re playing musical chairs or appearing in an episode of Wife Swap. With people on holiday, and displaced cats in catteries, you could experience the following scenarios: temps arriving in offices with no one to show them the ropes, holidaymakers arriving in cottages without instruction manuals, and meat-eaters finding themselves under a vegan regime (read Jonathon Porritt’s blog for August). Issues of dependency and abandonment are rife. Fret not, It’s all designed to make you more spiritually flexible for the New Age. You could start Sunday (24th) with some country ramble, yoga or meditation to put you on a wholesome plane, pondering futures building an ecologically sustainable lifestyle or looking at forthcoming college courses along those lines. You can feel the climate change in the air, and as such you need to plan for a new year style regime change soon (academic or religion-wise) incorporating maybe some more ethical features. Thursday (28th) brings to a head the first challenging aspect of this week, in the shape of Mercury square Pluto. Did you set your terms earlier in the week? If so you’ll be less confused or thrown by this aspect which asks you for decisions and choices based on your core beliefs. If you got clear on those earlier in the week then you’ll know exactly what to think, say and do in the now. For Friday (29th) picture Bryan Ferry (whose planets cluster round the cusp of Virgo and Libra) slinking into a room, and you’ll get the sense of Mercury going into Libra. This would bring more pleasure into work routines and more harmony into conversations were it not for the major aspect of the day Venus square Pluto which overshadows it and counteracts the usual suave style of Mercury in Libra. Mercury will have to wait a little longer in order for his smooth operations to take effect, but it will be monitoring how to achieve things in the background, perhaps even crooning, while we grapple with the heart issues that Venus squaring Pluto brings up. Don’t say anything in relationship that you will regret, but conversely don’t fail to say anything you meant to. My advice would be to put on an Ella Fitzgerald CD…she had a double dose of heart with Sun conjunct Venus in Taurus and could sing her heart, empowered by a favourable sextile of Pluto to that conjunction. Therefore she was able to express Venus-Pluto in a healthy way and the dilemmas of the human heart. Saturday (30th) afternoon UK time sees Venus follow Mercury into Libra, and with such a strong Libran line-up it’s time to sing along. Can’t sing won’t sing? Allow the inner child full rein in the art studio instead. The week will have been a long inner journey (how else could you process such aspects?) but in the evening a quiet New Moon steals in at 7 degrees Virgo, reminding us of ecological promises we made, and encouraging us to renew our vows, hopes and wishes.