This week offers you a chance to build up your stamina and put life into key projects, especially if you were flattened by last week’s squares. You need first to assess what you learned from those squares and their reasons for being. Otherwise part of you will still feel flattened and unable to commit to the astrological goodies that lie ahead. With the first major aspects of the week occurring on Thursday, another source of rumination would be last night’s Virgo New Moon. This is another aspect, which if digested properly, can be a springboard to positive change during the forthcoming week. Depending on where it fell in your chart, it would have a different message for you. If you don’t know what segment it was in, then look at the events of last night, what was created in your life, and how you reacted to it. These may provide symbolic clues to the potential of the New Moon for you this week. Early next week there is a trine between Jupiter and Saturn which balances two areas of your life, and can bring about the fruition of some of these New Moon seeds. So this week is cradled between the positive markers of the New Moon and the Jupiter-Saturn trine. For some of you, there is no need to do anything in order to benefit from their outworking. Some of you perhaps have even tried to do too much lately! Just allow yourself to be cradled and sense what tweaking the Universe may require in order to bring about the desired outcomes next week. Less is more, and efforting is out this week. So Thursday (4th September) is the day to watch this week, in fact it is the only day. It begins with Sun conjunct Saturn, a serious note: something is pinning you down and requiring that you commit to a project, a person or a principle. Having done all the chilling out required earlier in the week, you’ll probably be in no mood for fighting, you’re likely to shrug and surrender and sign on the dotted line (unless you have a tremendously fiery birthchart). Even so, just check in with your intuition for a moment in case you are in the wrong role, and may be the one intended to call the shots. Check the script for the plan for humanity, and your contract before you incarnated. By teatime (in the UK) you will probably be heartened by a sign that you made the right decision when the Sun trines Jupiter, a rainbow after rain. This is also the time to monitor the progress of any long-term projects, especially those which accrue next week. If you doubted you were in the flow this morning, you will feel yourself to be in the flow now. You may be asked to take a step forward to assist the success of your plans, which you may be able to do by remote control from your hammock. Even if you are back in your office or school groove, and even if the projects of your heart lie elsewhere, you feel you are contributing to overall progress. Motto: “Just be”