The Neptune in Pisces watershed in the U.K. seems to have been marked by a surreal covering of snow.  Rather like at Christmas time, people were coming home early to bunker down, carrying armfuls of supplies from supermarkets on the way.  I was urged by my mother to hurry home from Salisbury to Norfolk before the curfew.  On the way, I left my handbag on the train, then ensued a mad dash to the rail terminal where my handbag was waiting, everything left in it.  An old gentleman had handed it in.  Within an hour, the blizzard had started here.  So as I sit typing here with fingerless gloves, I am still dazzled by how lucky I was (transiting Jupiter is currently square my natal Jupiter).  Yesterday, 4th February, may have been lucky in a different way for someone who believed in the power of the number 4.  Astrologer Linda Goodman assigned the number four to Uranus, but I wonder if it has a resonance to Neptune, given its current prominence.  In the lottery numbers yesterday, not only did the number 4 come up, but four of the other five numbers were in the forties.  I am making a supreme effort not to make mention of reality TV this week, as one of my customer complaints was about that.  Therefore I will plough straight on with the week’s aspects.

If you wish to achieve clarity in your thinking about an issue, you have 2 days to mull it over, then turn it over to the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius on Tuesday morning (7th) for crystal clarity to zap your brain and connect your synapses. It would be ideal for you to be up and conscious, e.g. over a breakfast coffee, to be eligible for and open to its benefits. You need to be up in a reasonable time on Tuesday as you have 3 astrological features to attend to during the course of the day. Just after lunch, Saturn is stationary prior to turning retrograde. If you felt a sense of relief that it was leaving Libra, the sign of relationships, you will need yet more patience (it seems an age ago since I wrote the blog ” Saturn in Libra – Karmic Dilemmas”). Saturn just gets to the brink of Scorpio, and turns back. So there is more to learn and negotiate about relationships, it seems…we are now going over old ground in our relationships, including our relationships with ourselves. Creativity and individuality will be the issue at the Full Moon in the evening. Best deal cleanly with the other 2 features of the day before the evening, then you may be able to meditate on the Full Moon at a higher level in the evening, without all the emotional baggage, i.e the mental issue of the morning, and the relationship issue of late lunchtime. The issue of Full Moon in Leo is that of holding your individuality within a group you are a part of ( it can be the family) as the Moon opposes the Sun in Aquarius. The individual and the group both need to be honoured.  At this point, Venus will still be in Pisces, and its unconditional universal love vibration is still available as a prominent resource in your process.  Wednesday (8th) sees the entry of Venus into Aries, which could be a slightly uncomfortable passage for Taureans and Librans.  Naturally peacemakers, they will need to dust down and brush up their Inner Warrior for a while, which is easier for some than for others (try summoning up your past lives on battlefields, if you’re stuck).  There’s a little test that day to limber up: Venus semi-sextile Neptune – last chance to slough off any baggage resulting from illusion around relationships or a relationship (that maybe is currently high on a pedestal).  By Friday (10th) you’ll all be ready for a more substantial test: that of Venus conjunct Uranus.  If you’re ready for some excitement and unpredictability in your social encounters, you’ll take to it better than most.  In the Arts, originality will flourish.  And a final test for Venus exam week occurs on Saturday (11th) with Venus semi-sextile Jupiter, which could bring a pleasant, though maybe superficial interlude of socializing and smiling…which could be just what you need – a good laugh, with no strings attached.

The Week in Bullet Points:

  • Tuesday – Mental Gymnastics; Old Relationship Issues; Individuality versus the Group
  • Wednesday – Peacemakers out of their Comfort Zone
  • Friday – Too Exciting on the Social Front
  • Saturday – Light Comedy