Here’s an opportunity this week: finding balance. Jupiter at 12 degrees Capricorn trines Saturn at 12 degrees Virgo. These two in themselves represent optimism and realism respectively, and other such extremes. But this is no aspect for extremophiles: the harder you push towards one extreme the more there is a backlash from the other end. As Newton put it: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. This line-up enforces a balanced outlook because the two forces involved may be realizing they are in a stalemate situation – they have to acknowledge each other’s existence. The forces may be within your own personality, within two areas of your life, or may be seen playing out on the world stage. That process in itself may be pulling at you as they are opposite forces trying to come together in harmony. Not through blending or merging (which it would be if they were in polarity or opposition, or involved with higher consciousness processes represented by Uranus or Neptune), but in balance and in acknowledgement of each other’s worth and uniqueness. If you noticed and worked with the conjunction between Sun and Saturn and their trine with Jupiter last Thursday, you may have some idea what these principles are referring to in your life and at this time. Compromise and negotiation may be needed to find the poise and balance at the centre of the scales or the maelstrom. Find that marker and use it as your reference point for the relationship or project over the next few weeks. At some point, the energies will give way to the opposition of Uranus to Saturn which takes place on November 4th and colours the US Election (and is already being felt), but there is some mileage to be gained by this trine beforehand. It might just be a victory for commonsense.