Aquarius New Moon Mandala painted by Sarah Berry
Line Mandala from Mandala Colouring Book by Barry Stevens
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This is the fourth of an occasional series written about the expertise of each Sun Sign. I am still looking for the Libran who can write a guide to Relationships. The articles will be found under the category “Zodiac Masterclass” so that eventually there will be 12 such articles, e.g. “The Taurean Guide to the Inner Artist”, “The Cancerian Guide to Parenting”,”The Aries Guide to the Authenticity” etc. Each article will be written by someone who has the Sun Sign in question.

Here guest blogger Felicity Cook writes about being a futuristic Aquarian. She is no stranger to this website and blog – indeed, she is one of the people in my life without which it would not have come into existence and have kept breathing.

She is a top vocal teacher in the U.K., and is currently in training as a Body Psychotherapist as well as having a huge following on Facebook. I don’t know where she finds the time – she has probably borrowed it from the future!

A word about the mandala: it is one of my very favourites, and somehow conjures up for me an embroidered Tibetan flag or wall hanging (thangka).

The Aquarian Guide to Being Ahead of the Game!


by Felicity Cook

“You just don’t get it do you?” asked a workshop leader of me a very long time ago.
What he didn’t realise and what I was too lacking in confidence to say was that my Aquarian mind was already a few light years ahead, piecing his information together with the material I was already working out for myself about the physiology of the voice and the link with the psyche. I knew I couldn’t make public my thoughts as it was ground breaking work over which he had already implied was nonsense once before, dismissing my ideas verbatim.

We Aquarians are built to be in the kitchen creating Heston Blumenthal sci-fi menus, metaphorically speaking, but don’t ever suggest we get out if it gets too hot because we simply won’t! Could we be aloof? Maybe, but perhaps it’s more that our airy heads (I said airy heads, not air heads, thank you!) that we know we’re on to something. Mess with a Uranian and you could just be tampering with the blue touch paper, so I suggest you step back until invited to light it! The ideas can zoom in from nowhere. For example: 7.30 (or earlier) in the morning when their partner is sleeping, they may suddenly wake up and pose some ethereal philosophical view about the world and or vocalise how unjust it all is. In the meantime, you feel you’ve been run over by a steamroller and on a Sunday morning! Sigh…..

Part of the charm of the Water Carrier, though an air sign, is that they live up, way up in the clouds…. they know what every particle is that makes up that cloud and therefore don’t let any scientist try to challenge them…. the thing is, their cloud is made up of more than small droplets of water or ice crystals that are spread out from each other, they know theirs is the ‘real’ world and have little or no concept that others see it any other way. However, should they realise they or someone else has wronged a fellow traveller, then they would be the first to speak up for justice!

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

~ Martin Luther King

A person with an Aquarian Sun is not a straight forward beautifully transparent individual. Anyone who takes on such a person could well be in for an interesting journey with them….. Eccentric, exuberant and usually outgoing, their other side is often hidden; this is the deeper thinker. This is one reason why it can be quite challenging living with an Aquarian….. their ideas have wings and if they haven’t done much in the way of personal processing, you may find it hard to keep up with them as they will leave you at the starting post! When the personal development work has been done you will find yourself with a considerate (usually… and don’t quote me to your stubborn Aquarian lover!) and compassionate individual who has found a way of being able to fly without having to fight the constraints of the establishment and is also able to be pragmatic about their actions too.

So….. how do you learn from the Aquarian? How do you allow yourself to be ahead of the game?

  1. Don’t throw the rebel out of the classroom because she/he doesn’t fit what the establishment want….. LISTEN to them instead. They may have something a bit off the wall to move things forward. YOu could develop that too!
  2. Don’t take it to heart if they appear aloof. They are just off on their latest non conformist idea and getting a real buzz from it….. they’ll get a kick out of telling you about it if you can show you don’t reject their eccentricity! What would be so wrong if YOU also allowed your wackiness to come forward and be creative?
  3. Do allow the Aquarian space to be an individual as their habit is in the Heavens not hemmed in on the ground…. they could help you fly!
  4. If you want to know the direction the fiscal health of the world is going, ask an Aquarian….. they can tell you, so you might want to listen!

That’s all folks …… I have a Light Beam to catch…….

Here’s an interview Felicity did earlier: