Here we are at the midpoint of Virgo and it’s still raining! It’s difficult to rustle up some cheer, but if you are a Virgoan who is interested in healthful dining and have a sense of humour, why not try the new website by Pete Vincent on Raw Humour? Very timely, very much needed at the moment, especially with the UN climate chief realizing that we should eat less meat. All very Virgoan issues. Today’s a day to get passionate about issues, with Mars square Jupiter at tea-time in the UK. There will be a battle royal perhaps over whether meat should be on the table, or whether it should be a meat substitute such as Quorn, or for the Virgo purists a totally raw vegfest. Heated but all in good humour hopefully with the involvement of Jupiter. There may be some throwing of food, but it could be time to let your hair down. Jupiter is at the hub of some of the shenanigans of the week, and is one of the two planets set to turn forward this week. Tomorrow (Monday 8th) morning sees Jupiter turn direct, which will enable progress in some affairs to take place where you might have felt you were swimming against the tide since May. If for instance you felt you lost your sense of humour around then, you may get it back this coming week. Shortly afterwards, Jupiter is involved in a square dance with Mercury, and if you are exaggerating the truth, you’ll be brought to book and required to state the facts without embellishment. There’s more to come tomorrow (so, so much more): tea-time brings a conjunction between Mercury and Mars (at 12 degrees Libra) – look out for health and safety issues, especially taking care as you are chopping or slicing the raw vegetables. There may also be a war of words, or incisive repartee, across the dining table. The main aspect of the week takes place later still, late in the evening, when Jupiter trines Saturn. This is the most major aspect to take place between now and the US Election in November, so make the most of it with my earlier blog on the subject. In case you’re too busy to read it, in a nutshell it is about balancing two areas of your life and balancing extremes in general. This is followed in the early hours of Tuesday (9th) morning by Pluto turning direct, and it’s a day for psychological reorientation. If you have spent since April dredging through your subconscious for clues about who you are, you may feel you are making headway with Pluto beginning its journey back to Capricorn and pulling away from the Galactic Centre. Just give a respectful nod to the Galactic Centre and acknowledge all we have collectively been through before you take a deep breath and intone “onwards and upwards”. There’s a more frivolous way of looking at things at tea-time on Tuesday, with Venus squaring Jupiter, and the humour this evening may turn silly and verge on slapstick (carrot batons at the ready), but again, that may be what is called for at the moment. By Friday morning (12th), Venus will have found a new playmate, Mars, and it’s a conjunction, not a square, so things could turn intense in the romantic department. What started as a bit of slapstick at tea-time a few days ago, could turn into some slap and tickle in these early hours. Finally, on Saturday (13th) Sun opposes Uranus so the unexpected will rule at the weekend, plans are up in the air, and if you need a tool to get by, it’s telepathy.