It is less than 2 months until the Saturn-Uranus opposition, on the day of the US Elections. This is being seen by Astrologers as a close contest between the New (as represented by Obama and Uranus) versus the Old (as represented by McCain and Saturn). I feel inadequate to see past the posturing, and do not feel qualified to comment about this unprecedented line-up and crew of candidates. There’s no denying the importance of the consequences of America’s choice on the day, but there will also be other things going on in the world, and in people’s lives. The Saturn-Uranus conjunction of 1988 was a friendlier version of the aspect occurring that day, and played its part in events prior to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall (which actually occurred during a subsequent conjunction of Saturn and Neptune). The Berlin Wall as a symbol or construct and as representing inner fortresses (a phrase borrowed from a friend) seems a good place to start as a concept when considering the upcoming aspect. In your own birthchart, the aspect will represent a long-term construct across two areas of your chart. Tomorrow’s Full Moon may highlight these two areas for you as the Sun and Moon oppose each other in the same signs, Virgo and Pisces. If a wall is involved it may be due for dismantling or renovation, especially if it represents a separation between two parts of yourself or between yourself and family or friends, which is being used to cover fear and paranoia. Trust and surrender are likely to be the antidotes and keys to breakthroughs, survival, and release in such a climate. The November event will occur around 18/19 degrees of Virgo and Pisces, so if any features of your chart are in those degrees the events could be momentous for you. Many of you have been leading double lives (and by that I don’t mean in the French farce sense) and you may be acting as a bridge or emissary between two places, two countries or heaven and earth. Some of you may be caretakers, translators and supporters of those scenarios, especially if you are spiritually or karmically rooted to a particular place. These bridges will be important at the time of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, because the separations need to be bridged at a deeper level than at the time of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. Still others will be experiencing this aspect entirely inwardly, and may be finding that existing psychological or lifestyle structures don’t allow their Authentic Selves to flourish. When such cracks appear, it allows the divine to enter in more easily. And we all need to be caretakers, bridges, and carriers of the healing hologram.